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  1. Hello, again! Having been researching my A-level coursework, I noticed that many historians encourage the romanticisation of piracy and show them as being liberal, egalitarian types. However, I know this mustn't be the case for every pirate. I have been trying to find a historian who believes that pirates were bloodthirsty criminals but I have fallen short in my endeavours, and this is where I ask for your assistance. I need to find an article or book written by a historian who does not believe in the liberal nature of pirates. Thank you!
  2. Pirates and Privateers

    Thank you so much. This information gives me a lot to work with. Time to get reading!
  3. Pirates and Privateers

    Hi! I have been looking for some historians' interpretations on the differences between piracy and privateers but I've found it difficult to find decent sources. Im focussing mainly between the mid-1600s to the early 1700s. I'm writing a paper for my A level coursework, so I need to find books and articles that relate to this chosen topic. I thought this would be a good place to ask :) Thanks!