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    I just like pirates. I relate to their sense of democracy, disregard for race, equality, and adventure.
  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I suppose I understand why it took so long for my application to be accepted... That's truly unfortunate. I've spent a few years searching this forum for all my wabts in the Twill section concerning my Pirate history. And just as I received my email that I could post so then do I come aboard a sinking ship... Here's my introduction. An imbelishment for sure, but a fun one I assure. Rumor spread quickly that two notorious pirates, Jonathan "Gruesome Grims" Grimuez and Aria "AL" or "The Sea Gypsy" Lane, had joined forces. Grims' three masted Barque, The White Cap, made port in a little known pirate haven. The crew off loaded and made way for the nearest Tavern. While these pirates were well known by rumor, their exploits never took them outside of the Spanish Main. Now in the Caribbean it was time to do what Grims did best. Make an entrance. He set his hat on a table that sat a pirate king, Bartholomew "Black Bart" Roberts, and he knew it. He took his seat and with a heavy Welsh accent Roberts said, "What's yer business boy and why you be at me table?" Grims' smirked and looked a Black Bart. "I hear there be a gatherin' o' pirates. I be a pirate so I be gatherin'" Black Bart looked him and his crew over. "Name?" "Me name's Jonathan Grimuez. Most people call me Jonny or Grims. Some people call me Gruesome Grims. Depends on how you met me. This be me first mate Al the Sea Gypsy..." He's cut off. "Al the Sea Gypsy? Yer sayin' Al and the Sea Gypsy be the same person and Al be a wench?" A dagger sticks the table right between Bart's fore and middle finger. He pulls his hand away slowly and closes his fist. He looks nervously. Grims perks up with a chuckle. "Wanna know who shot holes in me hat? I'll give ya two guesses and the first don't count." Bart looks to Grims. "I hear ya be more like Teach than yer reputation. Nerry killed a man, freed slaves, and taking wench... women in yer crew. I see slaves and women so the former be not hard to believe." Grims looks to Al and winks. He looks back at Bart with a serious look on his face. "Killin' be a sharks game and unfortunately for you, Mr Bart, you be surrounded by sharks." The ring of blades unsheathing sounds more like snakes hissing than swords being drawn. A lengthy fight ensues. Grims holds his pistol tightly but never leaves his seat. Bart and Al engage. He knocks her daggar from her hand and she jumps back onto a table throwing her boot knife into his shoulder. She jumps towards him pulling a hidden fishing knife from the fold in her hat and draws it swiftly across Bart's neck. He crumbles choking. Grims shoots him dead. The fighting ceases. Grims looks around. "There. I killed a man. A pirate King. Now. How many of ya land lubbin' Rum Jacks want to sail under a real captain?" Blades sheath and tables are cleared of bodies. The navigator walks up and asks what to do with the bodies. Grims places his pistol into his belt. "Tie 'em to the masts of Bart's ship and set it adrift. May it be a grim reminder o' the foundin' of Grims' Rapscalions. " So. From the Pahrump Nevada born "Grims' Rapscalions" it was with great excitement that I could meet you all and it is with a heavy heart that I see you all go.