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  1. introduction Ahoy, this be an introduction

    Greetings Wasco. We must be in the same boat. We have started about the same time! Welcome my friend.
  2. Greetings

    Greetings to all, I do apologize for the intrusions on ye ladies and gentlemen. I am here to learn the ropes as a fresh fish and to be in the grand company of you fine folks. Now, I suppose many of these newbies come and go with a quick hello and no good-bye. No worries here. I be like Jason.....I keep coming back! Sadly, I was cast away from the Golden Coasts of California and sent adrift to a land of twisting winds and shaky grounds known as Oklahoma. Yes, I must admit, I miss the soothing roar of the waves and the cool sea spray coating my beard, but at least I have some comfort now that I have found this wonderful place and you like-minded folks. If you should ask me as an "Okie Pyrate" the answer is "no". Man made lakes do no justice to the roar of the seas! Drinks are on me!