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  1. Click on the ad for Treachery and a Dead Mans Promise and see it for free on YouTube !

  2. Treachery and a Dead mans Promise is on YouTube! http://youtu.be/xmSeX-gghpo

  3. Eye am featured in This issue of Pirates magazine! Yarr ! ~

    1. Ransom


      Way to go, Eyes!

    2. Jas. Hook

      Jas. Hook

      Eye, an a three page spread at that. Yo Ho Jas. Hook

    3. Gunpowder Gertie

      Gunpowder Gertie

      Twas a delight t' clap me deadlights on those pages, me friend!

  4. Ahoy there me brother in pyracy!

  5. Still can not upload pictures into picture gallery

    1. Stynky Tudor

      Stynky Tudor

      Can you Upload now???

    2. oderlesseye



  6. Hello Dirty Gertie!

  7. Ahoy there Mate! And how be ye today?

  8. Eye am on the NO Quarter Given Website! YArrrr ~ http://www.noquartergiven.net/

    1. Graydog


      Tis a fine picture it be!

  9. Script is finished for "Treachery and A Dead Mans Promise"

    1. Black Syren

      Black Syren

      Congrats!!! Cannot wait to see it in action!

    2. madPete


      Now don't go getting all artsy on us Eye!

    1. Jas. Hook

      Jas. Hook

      LOL -

      That was great! What a smooooth persona. Huzzah to 'O'

    2. Zingara Carmella

      Zingara Carmella

      fine words , he spoke the truth ,it was very handsome ...

  10. ComicCon Here Eye come! Tyme to pillage and Plunder!

  11. We all got Photos with Disney Legend X Atencio who is 90 yrs old and sang his song "Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life fer me" to the audience

  12. Thanx Black Hearted Pearl..WAS FUN TO PLAY WITH YE..

  13. Off to Fort Macarthur...KABoom !~

  14. Made Home Port from NorCal..What a hoot!

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    2. oderlesseye


      Look on FB..Eye was too busy entertaining to take that many pics. You would enjoy this festival if ye ever made it out here fer it..

    3. Capt. Sterling

      Capt. Sterling

      I'm sure I would...some day

    4. oderlesseye
  15. Packing for NorCal today and shoving off tommorrow..

  16. It was great to meet you at PIP, Mate!

  17. Hi thar, youngun'! We met at Ojai this year. Good ta see ya here! (I be the one with the skunky hat).:>

  18. Yaaaaaaaaar!

    That is all.

  19. Happiest of New Year's to you and yours!!!