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    San Diego, Ca. (North Park) me cove !
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    Oderlesseye is a mutinous two bit sand dollar with a thirst for adventure. Sailing on tall ships, firing black powder weapons, and sword fighting.. I most love to entertain the public in piratical skit presentations that involve all of the above. My name is befitting of my position on board as that of the look-out. Some ask what’s the meaning of the name Oderlesseye...It is simple really.. When Eye am aloft, ye can’t smell me...But it’s spelled wrong some exclaim! Hey now! What pirate can spell? - is my retort!
    I have been an active member of the pirate community since 2005. I consider myself a fan of living history in the Golden Age of Piracy. As a child I , like the lot of ye, loved the old time pirate movies with Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks. Long live Long John Silver !
    Inspired by them, Eye created a Pirate Ninja Movie called "Treachery and a Dead Mans Promise" Available on YouTube.
    Being a pirate, as it turns out, is multi-dimensional. For me, a lifestyle has been carved out of it. There is a six foot tall skeleton pirate in a make shift hide out called Dead Mans Cove behind my house. The walls are painted giving the impression you are in a sea cave. There is a mural of a pirate coming ashore in a long boat at the mouth of the cove. Believe me, it is a great place to enjoy rum now and again!
    Exploration into all things piratical have led me to being an attempted escapee from the Governors noose to impersonating a judge in the Anne Bonnie and Mary Read trial held in Pirates In Paradise.. As Oderlesseye, my one on one impression to patrons is as one whom barley escaped the flames of the ship we took when the powder magazine blew with the booty in me hands from the Captains quarters.. The tale explains the soot on me face, the tattered clothing, and the burnt tricorn, as I hand out a gold coin or two. I hate them plastic ones and I know kids appreciate the metal coins even more so.
    When an event is slated for a historical time line presentation to the public, I do not do these things mentioned above. Rather, I share about what is a grape shot or how a flintlock works. I ware clothing that is more closely representing the era in these cases. I am still updating me togs (Period Kit) as I learn more thru fellow pirates and sources like the Pyracy Pub.

    So far, there have been many exciting moments of adventure the world of PIRACY has afforded me. From standing on a bar top with Pirates Charles singing to me in New Orleans to shooting cannons ( Ships Guns for you PC Pirates!), on the tall ship Spirit of Dana Point. Cheers from a crowd during a show as last man standing on the Treasure chest proclaiming to an excited crowd ITS MINE! THE BOOTY IS MINE ! YARR ! ~ These things and the notoriety that comes with being a pirate has me hooked! Whats More Is the greater bonds of friendships that have been forged with those whose course finds me at such events, sharing the same love and passion of the Life within the pirate/reenactment community. To Them Eye take me hat off and offer a tot of Rum! Cheers mates!

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  1. Tartan shortcoat

    I have wondered if their are any known pirates of GAOP that wore a kilt other than Captain Kidd ? If so ...where may I find documentation for this.. I have entertained the idea of doing such an impression.
  2. Happy Birthday Patrick Hand!

    happy Birth day to ye Patrick..
  3. Be advised that we're taking down the gallery

    we roll with the high seas ~
  4. "What is needed to encourage reenactors to come to an event" 1) Supply a fun and safe environment to interact with the public. Safety First ! 2) Providing activities that directly involve my participation in entertaining the public 3) A safe place for black powder demonstrations/ mock battles 4) being ''Gated" as part of compensation of my personal cost. Reasons Eye come to an event : 1) I come to hang with me friends first. 2) the draw is to be a part of the event as a participant and not a visitor.. - though being a visitor has its perks like freedom to roam and not have to be at a place a certain time.(What Mission Said) 3)Tall ships to Jolly Boats ..Eye want to be on a ship/boat shooting black powder be it cannon of gun. 4) A chance to be in garb to be my alter ego.
  5. You in yar garb.

    Finally Got My Fop On ! Inspired by the movie Rob Roy
  6. Odi with Skawkers

    From the album Oderlesseye

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    From the album Oderlesseye

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  14. Review of Black Sails pilot

    Spanish Dollars did exist.. for close to seven centuries. However eye am curious to know about the vernacular of the day that was largely influenced by the Spain, France, England, and the Dutch. Where the "Real de a ocho" or Eight REAL other wise known as a Piece of Eight was the main denomination used in the West Indies during the GAOP. I am not ready to accept the word "Dollar" pronounced dólar in Spanish, had crossed from Spanish to English lips PERVASIVELY during the GAOP untill Eye find proof of that. I have since done some home work and have found that the use of the word would not have been referencing to Spanish money.
  15. Review of Black Sails pilot

    Eye was speaking to the vernacular use of the word "Dollar" My Bad.. see post below.