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    Pirates/piracy Knot tying sailor crafts. Drinking, and general nautical shenanigans.I joined here to mix with like minded people and use this as my escape portal from the drudgery andstrain of everyday (I know its easier now) life, to imagine myself waking up after a night at the tavern on a golden beach looking across a bay at a pirate fleeting wondering which will need crew.
  1. Hi, im going to do this course. It will be a test to see if i can manage further education with a full time job. Even though it's non-credit bearing it still looks useful, i hope enough people enroll for it to go ahead.
  2. Welcome aboard!

    Hi im Paul, had an interest in piratical things for quite a while, collect books nautical trinkets and tools. Enjoy knot tying sailor crafts. Come from a maritime background and still work in the marine industry.Started to grow the hair out for a more authentic look. In plymouth but live on the moors. Looking for like minded people to enjoy the subject with. Does everything have to be kept to the "golden age"