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    God willing some where near Beaufort on the water!
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    I am one of the few 6 foot 1in female pyrates I know, I have been known to crew with the good Schooner Night Hawk and her vixen Capt. Siren. Beaufort NC is my port-o-call but alas I do reside a bit inland. I have sailed Black Beards water for years off the coast of NC. I am also a Ghost Hunter with SAGE Investigations.<br>Black Powder, Mc's, Rum, and slinging steel with my son make me happy.
  1. Marijuana Debate

    Rumba I will come out with you and say Yes....yes....yes..GUILTY. BUT....I took a kick to the head by a horse in 2000. I was in the hospt fir 2 weeks unable to see or speek well. Fractured my skull in 4 places and did dammage to the whole upper right side of my body. Now for those of you who have never had a migrane that made you so sick you couldnt move AND made you go blind, then you cant relate. My spine in my neck no longer has a bend in it and I get at least 3 or more bad headaches a week, and if I do not get a migrane in a week it has been a damn good week. But as Rumba said helps with the pain and the sickness. Plus I cant afford the meds it would take to "cure" me. So what do you do? Suffer or find something that helps. Plus have you ever tryed to do your "normal" day on pain killers? With my job I would get eaten up or killed (day job) or sew my fingers together (home job) I do not do it around any one else that does not approve and never around my son. There is a responsible way to do things...its when you are not, and do not , that gets one into trouble. We need a health care system that is not a joke!
  2. Gas prices!

    ...Takes long draw off of rum.....Hands Lady B a FINE bottle of Meade for her to try....... Well I am not a member of any party.....looking for one that can get the job done. But we are stuck with what we have! (sigh) and I just payed $2.98 a gallon this morning! Wanted to come back to the house load up the guns and cause black powder harm!!!!! THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!!! .....Takes one more drink of LadyB's fine rum and hands it back. (THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD ) Yes it is going to be a long summer with less festivals and beach time. I JUST WANT TO GO FISHING AND SAIL A BIT!!!
  3. Gas prices!

    Russell Means for President!!! Wouldnt the government just LOVE that. And the sad thing is his words are very true.....If you want a good read...Where White Men Fear to Tread....the story of Russell Means, and why that statement you posted is more true than people think is in his book. (As I do a Jingle Dance around the room) I got to speek with him for about 15 min during the filming of Last of the Mohec. and it was one of the most amazing conversations I have had with any one!
  4. Gas prices!

    Lady B I must say YES! YES! AND YES!!!!! To all you said in your post! I just forked out $2.89 on my way home from work for gas,(center of NC) I drive 65 miles a day to a job I LOVE and I am looking at having to quit due to the fact it is costing me more to drive than I make ,almost. Problem number two is that I live WAY OUT in the sticks and it is a 30 min drive to the nearest large town (pop 1,500) and there are no jobs there cus I live in textile and furniture land and all of our good jobs have been sent to China.(THANKS BUSH!!) 4,500 lay offs in ONE area near me in the past year. My biz I run at home has been affected due to shipping costs going up , when is it going to end?!? Like you, I have sent mail to every blackhearted buracRAT I can think of.......notthing. So as we are "hung out to dry" and "raped" by the oil company I sit back and think..........maby getting a horse again isn't a bad idea, I could get a work out, have someone to talk to, and it is at this point CHEEPER!!!! :angry: Harbor Master has the rite idea too...IRON HORSE! And as far as the events I do this summer...AHHHHHHHHH...sooooooo mad ....looks like the Pepsi Tall Ship Race, maby Hampton Roads, and that is it other than taking my son to the coast to fish in Aug. PIP is OUT of the question this year . (I dont fly well....we drive down from NC)
  5. Want to see something spooky?

    Well as a ghost hunter (SAGE Investigations) I can tell you that that one is a fake. When the little girl turned around you could see the light reflected in her eyes. Ghosts dont have lenses where there eyes were. Good try though. Going to send it to my partner he will get a kick out of it!
  6. Floggin Mollyesque.

    THe ANTIPYPER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Neil is the worlds fastest bagpiper...he has to be. Lucky to call him friend. you also need to check out ....The Wicked Tinkers and Here Be Dragons!!!
  7. Dread Pirate Fans

    YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY MONTH!!! WE PLAY DREAD PYRATE AT FAIR AS A RAIN GAME!!!!!!Oh PLEASE let me know what you find out!!!!!!!! (Doing goofy dance around puter table)
  8. Blackbeard's Ship

    The area where BB sunk the QAR is out in the sound about a 30min ride from Beaufort by boat. Beaufort is on Taylors Creek and what is present day was not there during that time....but to get in and out of the sound was not as it is today. The inlet sholes shut with a good storm. Plus he ran her aground on purpose, not by chance. It was an OK program but would have liked to have seen them address more REAL history.
  9. More Introductions

    Good Day to ye master Freebird!! Hope you find sailing these waters to yer is a dram of me good rum for you....and the rest o the bottle shall be for little ole me!! Cheers!
  10. Black Beard on National Geo

    As a NC pyrate I was NOT pleased with the fact that the building they showed for Bath was not even in Bath and the coast line of NC does NOT look like what they showed! And they made Teach "nice". The man was a phycho path by todays standards! They also made no mention of the fact that he ran the QAR aground before he was killed and that the battle from local accounts went on for over 2 hours. His death was by a scottsman who took his head and the "blah blah" they had him saying to the Capt. NEVER TOOK PLACE!!!! Maby if it had of been 2 hours so they could have covered more info and filmed where the history took place I would have given it a better "grade" as it were. It was ok, but I felt very let down after it was over, I was expecting more.
  11. Help me out, need a decision

    Go to the members listing (bottom of the main pub page) the list is in ABC order, and drop him an e-mail, or I can send him a shout for you.

    Welcome aboard lad!! But I will be saying to ye now.......I bow to NO man unless it is on my terms!! So have a round on me and enjoy yer sail here at the ole pub!
  13. Help me out, need a decision

    Have you tryed DIXIE GUN WORKS.....they may have the parts you are looking forward too. I am getting ready to order a Blunderbuss kit from them. Braze would also be a person to ask on this subject.
  14. WTF!!!!!!

    You know flogging is still used on the ship I crew with.... moses law ...and doubble head cleaning duty.....WTF just keel haul um!
  15. A'hoy Thar!

    Welcome aboard!!!!!