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  1. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    I have kate Souris' book ready to go to withoutaname monday morning. Please anyone lt me know if this is still on.
  2. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    That just gave me an idea. Thanks!
  3. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    I have Ransom's and will send it out this weekend
  4. Sketchbook artists

    BTW, Ransom, I have your book, which I am working on tonight and will send to Withoutaname this weekend.

    BEAK (BTW, I always lose against my own mother because she gets an average of 30 points a turn by playing small 3-4 letter words, she 's a master at scrabble, and must be defeated...therefore don't wast your energy on long advice)
  6. back yard pirate cove, piratical decor

    Thanks, O'eye, I am truly inspired...literally. I have a back porch/sunroom in need of renovation and I am going to do it in the fashion of a greatcabin, and (yes, I know, talk is cheap) but I am going to post pics of the progress and final results.
  7. Not even rum raisin? I remember visiting a homemade ice cream stand near Haverhill, Massachusetts that made peach brandy ice cream. The ice cream was so strong with brandy that I recall catching a buzz every time. Sadly somehow they pulled it off the menu. ...geez, i wonder why.
  8. sexy accents

    All I can say is the Sunday's singer Harriet Wheeler's Bristol UK accent in "Here's Where the Story Ends" melts me every time.
  9. Where you live

    Bristol, R.I....rum & slave trading capital of America, enough said. Most Patriotic Town in America....well, that's what they call it. Traces of the Trade
  10. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    Not to worry me lass! I added to the great storyline of Patrick Hand's book and sent it off to you today.

    Ironic that my real name is Jerry, and I sail, and I'm, a 40's/50's retro freak, but I never really took to this rum, in spite that I love the packaging. 1. El Dorado 15 Year rum 2. Pusser's...though badly I miss the 47.5% alcohol version that was available 2 years ago 3. Rhum Barbancourt 4. Flor de Cana 7 year ( I always trust a third world country like Nicaragua to produce something with soul) 5. for cheap, I like Brugal. It's real ,and it's earthly crude and doesn't have that mass-produced taste. Made from sugar molasses, not straight cane. To my snotty taste, Captain Morgan or Bacardi is the 'Wonder bread' of rum. Captain Morgan's special reserve tastes like cough syrup, too much flavor additive. I will no longer buy Mount Gay Extra Old.. it is too God damned smooth and acts like cognac. $40 Havana Club is not available in the United States because of the trade embargo against Cuba, but I hears it is the holy grail of all rum.
  12. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    It's only a sketchbook there Matusalem...I'm cool ...raise a glass to ye!
  13. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    I have no books and have not gotten Decembers yet. withoutaname, I recieved Patrick Hand's late last week from Pew. I'll send it to you at the end of the month. You had Red Handed Jill's last month, therefore you are on schedule. ...and so am I. I'm not making any sense ,am I? All I know is that the guy that wrote the rules sent me the book last week, which I recieved on Dec 11, and I'll leave it at that. ....looks like I have approximately 3 weeks to do my bit.
  14. Pyrate Comix Comments

    Why Stop? The rest of us sketchbook particpants have big shoes to fill.
  15. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    I gots me Patrick Hand's in the mail from Pew yesterday!