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    Long time pirate enthusiast since I was a kid and host of the podcast "Under The Crossbones" with interviews from interesting people in the pirate community.
  1. That's a really great comprehensive look at the show. Since they've got historical experts on hand I imagine there's been lots of discussion as to what to keep legit or not. They know the audience has certain expectations and it looks like they're trying to meet them while still pushing it in a more historically correct direction. I was curious how they were going to deal with the slave trade and it came out like I thought. One character is strongly against it and the others are ambivalent. But that's enough to keep it on the side of politically correct. I think one reason they've been able to treat the characters more realistically as bad guys is because we've seen so many characters in the last few years that have a dark side to their otherwise good character. Batman is a good example. Really nice job on this piece. :)
  2. Review of Black Sails pilot

    Totally agree on those points. The F-bombs almost take me out of the story sometimes. Season 3 should be really good. And they're already shooting Season 4. So we know they won't feel like they have to rush the story and can really develop the characters some more.
  3. Some interesting pictures.

    Love them! You won't find cards like that in the average casino. But I feel like TI in Vegas should make an effort. :)
  4. You in yar garb.

    I'll pop one in... I got to play a pirate in a very funny short called "Pool Pirates" a couple years ago.
  5. Pyracy Pub Book Group

    I'll double that vote madPete. That's a great one.
  6. On this day in history...

    And here we are with a whole country built on mismanagement because of him. :)
  7. Welcome aboard!

    Thanks guys... And yeah, Ozgur. Be happy to have you on the show. Shoot me a message with your email address and we'll get a date together.
  8. Pyracy Pub Book Group

    Looks like this thread hasn't had anything in awhile. I'd like to suggest "Pirate Hunters" by Robert Kurston. It just came out earlier this year and it's fantastic. It's all about the wreck divers that found the Golden Fleece. Lots of first person accounts and background. But it reads like solid fiction.
  9. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy Friends... My name's Phil Johnson and I'm new around these parts. Northern California is home when I'm not on the road entertaining. My pirate thing started with Disney way back when and has since branched out into plenty of history and such. I'm also the host of the Under The Crossbones podcast where I interview great people from the pirate community: Treasure Hunters (Chris Macort of the Whydah Museum - ep 16), Historians (Cindy Vallar - ep 4), Artists (Don Maitz - ep 7), Musicians (Tom Mason of the Blue Buccaneers - ep 3), Authors (Andrea Jones of 'Hook and Jill' - ep 13) and many others. Looking forward to digging into all the good stuff here and meeting many of you. :)