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    Bone fids & apple corers. I've presented a paper at the 10th meeting of the Worked Bone Research Group of the International Council of Zooarcaeology on the Bone Fids from the foreshore in London
  1. Welcome aboard!

    They were found opposite a Naval Victualling yard, East Smithfield, London and under the New Millennium Bridge. They've only been recorded at these site + 1 stray find up river. The Thames slit/mud is a good preservation medium no oxygen. Just wish I could import Pictures to this site
  2. Buccaneer Ropeworks

    Hi there my name is Paul (archaeochef) because I was a Chef Lecturer turned Zooarchaeologist. I've been researching 92 worked bones from the foreshore of the River Thames in London near to Tower Bridge circa 1560 to 1780 . Both Brion Toss & Des Pawson now agree with my opinion that they are not Apple Corers as the dealer sold them thought they were but "Fids". I've made replicas and used them to splice both 1" & 1/2" rope. Not sure how this site works yet so I might not be able to paste pictures if not you are very welcome to have a copy of my paper that has yet to be peer reviewed which I gave at a meeting of the Worked Bone Research Group of the International Council of Zooarchaeology in Belgrade last year, for this I will require an email address. Sorry looks like no pictures I am a bit of a Techno-Dinosaur when come to clever thing with computers. My email address is:- Regards, Paul Stokes
  3. Welcome aboard!

    Hi to all, My name is Paul Stokes retired member of "Rent a Peasant", Chef Lecturer turned Archaeologist. My interests are animal bones. I've been collecting Bone Apple Corers for many years and in that time an antiques deal flocked of a Mud-Larks collection off which included a number of worked bones, which he said that they were Apple Corers amongst many other things . I know that they were not, so I purchased as many as I could afford at that time. I've got 92 and since located 4 more, I've carried out some extensive research on them and proved that they are "Fids". I've given a paper on these to the Work Bone Research Group of the International Council of Zooarchaeology at their 10th Meeting in Belgrade last year. ‚Äč