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  1. New belt I made

    I finished making myself a new belt for the Port Washington Pirate Festival. It's one of the first things I've finished since I started leathercrafting lately. It's antique black, and it's a 4" belt with a removable 3" studded belt. Let me know what you think!
  2. Baldric buckle options

    I've thought about doing that, but I've asked around on a few other pages I belong to and most people seem to be interested in the blacksmithed buckles for some reason. I'll probably end up doing both when I have some more funds.
  3. Baldric buckle options

    I've started doing some leatherworking, mostly baldrics and belts and simple things so far. I'm trying to decide what type of buckles I should get to put on my baldrics. As I'm sure we all know, larger size buckles are a pain to come across, but I've found a couple resources. In your opinions, would you like to see a more rustic blacksmithed buckle or a shiny brass one? I'm not sure which would be more period correct as I'm sure there were people making brass buckles but also blacksmiths making this type of thing. I'm attaching a couple pictures of the options I'm looking at, any advice would be helpful!
  4. Returning to Port Washington

    I'll be there Saturday with my own modest crew!
  5. Returning to Port Washington

    I'm really excited that the Port Washington Pirate Festival is returning! Who's all planning on going?