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  1. Roll Call 2009

    William - I am currently tied to the Mercury encampment. Please move me over to a newly listed group (Searles Buccaneers). Also include Doug Pummell, Sgt Jeff Johnson, Cpt William Kunze, Pikeman Lid, Mad Mike (and Courtney)
  2. has too much stuff to pack. : P

  3. Pyrate Sketchbooks

    Pew - I will be sending your sketchbook to you the first week of August. At the moment, I'm buried in packing (move to new home), and am preparing to attend Comic Con. :) Jill - Stay tuned for a PM with my new address (effective 7/31).
  4. ConGaloosh event

    Hi John - That is something we are considering. If the group does decide to host ConGaloosh 2010, we'll spread the word. :)
  5. One Year ago today

    Happy Anniversary you two! Miss yah lots!
  6. ConGaloosh event

    Hi Folks - A heads up to you who still may be interested in VIP tickets to Friday and Saturday night's events. We have 8 VIP tickets for sale. If interested, please visit Congaloosh.org to make the purchase. Kungaloosh!
  7. Drakes Raid ,St Augustine

    After speaking with the good Sgt Johnson, we are likely heading to a different restaurant. I've no doubt a decision will be made that suits everyone attending that evening.
  8. Drakes Raid ,St Augustine

    Hey Jeff - When last speaking with William, he made mention of possibly going out en masse (in lieu of pot luck) to a local and inexpensive restaurant, as it would be a more feasible option, especially for out of towners from the Keys. Lid noted the restaurant William mentioned to me is Santa Maria. We could take a couple of cars to that location for a good meal and unique atmosphere. Might that be alright?
  9. Happy Birthday, Sophie

    Thanks muchly Michael! I'm glad my kit is alright.
  10. Happy Birthday, Sophie

    Sophie, Sophia...toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe...I answer to both these days. Thank yah Silkie, Mission, Ransom and Silas for the warm birthday wishes. Can the rain stop now....please?! Anywho, Mission, I wish I could've come up to Ohio, but my vacation time seems to be dwindling this year. Then again, I'm going to a few events late summer/early fall that aren't Pyrate related. Perhaps in 2010 I can make an effort to head on up, though I need to come up with an even better kit than what I have.
  11. Happy Birthday, Sophie

    Why thank yah Lady B and Jon! I'm in training today (woohoo!) and am hoping to have time later this evening to celebrate my natal day. We shall see... If not today, then last weekend and this weekend will make up for it. *grins*
  12. Drakes Raid ,St Augustine

    Additional Links - If you are interested in wearing rope sandals (ropas, or Gurkees) at the event, you can order them online at the Lotion Source for $22 plus shipping (they're normally $28-$35). Seeking out a good mug? Check out Westmoore Pottery, who have period accurate, durable mugs for sale. Also, local sutler Jon Williams will have shirts, flat caps, ropas and (I think) breeches for sale at the event. Should you wish to contact him, please call 904-797-7217 or email him at sarjuan@aol.com Lastly, if you are interested in gaining information via book, check out "The Armada Campaign: 1588" by the Osprey: Elite Series. The ISBN number is 0-85045-821-8.
  13. Drakes Raid ,St Augustine

    Good day folks - Captain William is without Internet at the moment, and has asked me to provide elaboration or further information on Drake's Raid. Items not to wear or utilize at this event: Skull and Crossbone flags/clothing/etc Tricorns Bandanas around the head Sailor slops They are not accurate for this time and location and should not be worn during this late 16th century reenactment. Attached is an online version of the Drake's Raid flier, which has Jeff and William's blessing. Please utilize it for information on the date for the Raid, address for Fountain of Youth and Jeff and William's contact information. Thursday night is the early night for camp, and Friday is the day most are arriving to set up and prepare for Raid day. If you choose to arrive early, please let Jeff or William know. Also, Thursday and Friday night will be a potluck of sorts, meaning everyone should bring something (food or drink) to contribute to the meal. Also, please remember that dressing in appropriate kit (not jeans and a t-shirt) is what is required to join in on meals and festivities. Helping out will win brownie points! :) Drake's Raid Attachment (word document) And here are a few scans of patterns for Venetian Breeches, period Shirt and Flat Cap, should anyone be interested in sewing their own kit for Drake's, and/or a future event centered on this period and area. If for any reason you are unable to view the Drake's flier above, or pictures below, contact me at trinsghost@hauntedmansion.com for details. Venetian Breeches Page 1 and Page 2 Shirt Flat Cap
  14. ConGaloosh event

    In terms of size, the Club can only fit 75 to 80 folks (comfortably) into the main show room called the Library. So that became our cutoff point for the VIP event (taking place Friday evening). The Saturday events at a hotel just down the street from the Club (and Pleasure Island) will be held in a larger venue and can hold a bit more people. Alot of folks from the cast will be there, as well as a historian who will cover the timeline of the Club. We'll have a panel discussion, a few contests, folks will dress Adventure-ish, and everyone gets goodies for attending too. That and we have options for meetups earlier that day or the next morning on Disney property, just to get fellow Adventurers together. Mickey - If there are alot of folks interested in attending an event because they want into the Club, you might want to aim them for Lou Mongello's event that is a one day deal (I think) and concludes with a night at the Club (same weekend). The only condition on his event is that folks must also book a night at one of the mentioned rooms on Disney property in order to attend. http://www.mousefantravel.com/mft/wdwradio.php For now, if folks are interested in checking out who took part in making the Club great and don't want to go to the Club, they can aim for our Basic package and get alot of bang for their buck. If the Club is, however, on their agenda, I'd aim for Lou.
  15. Drakes Raid ,St Augustine

    That's great! Glad to hear the Pirates of the Coast will be joining us again. :)