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    I'm a teacher by trade but I am also a published children's author. Several of my poems are piratical in nature. My research into the poems fueled my interest in pirate history, etc.

    Arr! Thank ye. And a bloody good New Year too!
  2. Seeking a Crew

    Reenacting sounds fun but mostly just for the fun of it. Thanks for asking. Would be willing to travel perhaps a couple of hours. Depends on frequency of meetings. Further possible.
  3. Blackbeard Festival

    Just found out it will be June 3-4 2016.
  4. Seeking a Crew

    Great! Thanks so much. I appreciate it!
  5. Blackbeard Festival

    Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to get out there this year! Much appreciated!
  6. Seeking a Crew

    Thanks. Missed it since I went to the Sterling Renaissance Faire "Pirate Invasion" that weekend. Will have to remember for next year!
  7. Blackbeard Festival

    I'm seeking info regarding the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton. I'm fairly new to all this so any info provided would be great! Are 2016 dates set yet? Is there a good hotel within walking distance of the festivities? Thanks!
  8. Seeking a Crew

    Living here in the Rochester, NY area. Any ships looking for crew? Anyone wanting to start a crew?
  9. Ahoy Thar!

    Oh, and I be from the U.S. Upstate New York to be more precise.
  10. Ahoy Thar!

    Thanks, me hearties, for welcoming me aboard. Thanks for the advice, Elena. Me website now appears in me signature. Just gotta figure out how to get a picture link there! In response to your inquiry, I be a teacher pirate by trade but me real love is writing also. On me site you can see some of the poems I've written. I guess I'm also the crafting kind as I've built a couple prop cannons, 2 ship's wheels and 3 gibbets in me hold (in landlubber terms I mean me basement). Have also had some little sprogs create videos for me web site. All can be seen at the site.
  11. Surrender The Sweets!

    With Halloween approaching I thought it would be a dandy time to post one of my poems from my new book. It's about Halloween...and a pirate! Surrender the Sweets! I’m a thieving little sea dog, the meanest ever born, and I demand that you surrender your stash of candy corn! I’ll also snatch your Cracker Jack, your popcorn balls as well, take away each taffy and creamy caramel. I’ll confiscate your crunch bars and force you to give up your licorice, your lollipops and peanut butter cups. I’ll make off with your Milk Duds, your bubble gum cigars, and last I’ll hijack happily your hoard of Hershey bars. You can keep the apples and all that healthy junk. But hand me all the candy before your house is sunk! Be glad it’s only once a year that I become this vicious brute. But it’s Halloween and I’m a pirate so give me all yer loot!
  12. Ahoy Thar!

    Ahoy mates. I'm new round these parts and still gettin' me bearings. I'm interested in conversing with them that thinks pirates be a thunderin' cool topic! I love the history, films and whatever about pirates. Even got me own web site if ye cares to check it out. I writes funny poetry for the polliwogs and sprogs. Check it out if ye be interested. ( Looking forward to gettin' to know folks around here and sharing our piratical enthusiasm!