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    I have been interested in knots since I was in the US Navy in 1965. I came across this site while on a search for maritime crafts and was fascinated by a side of the sailing life I had never considered.
  1. Anchor Knot

    Anchor Knot Made in 1973 from "The Book of Ornamental Knots" by Hensel and Graumont. Please excuse the age and other stains (it was glued to a board). When it fell off the board many years ago it was shoved in a plastic bag which caused the twisting. I still like it. Tony
  2. The more familiar double overhand knot shown in the upper photo makes a fine stopper knot. The mystery double hand knot (It might have a proper name) is shown in the lower photo. Can you knot tyers duplicate it?
  3. wrist lanyard

    wrist lanyard Made from 1/4" rope found while beach combing. I unlaid the rope at each end and made one tuck of an eye splice. I then did a 3 strand diamond knot to complete each loop and cut the ends close to the knot.
  4. mini-fender

    Mini-fender Patterned after large rope fenders found on tug boats and other vessels. 2' length of 1/4" rope found when beach combing. I folded the rope in half, separated the strands and did wall knotting back to the loop. Finished with diamond knot. I will add split ring and give to boat owning nephew.
  5. Single Strand Lanyard with adjustable loops

    single strand lanyard tutorial
  6. This lanyard here is shown wrist size but can be made as long as needed. The ends are tied in a pseudo 4 bight, 3 lead turk's head knot that slides to adjust the size of the loops.
  7. Fancy Ropework

    Fobs and bell pulls
  8. Ocean Plait Mat

    I made this door mat from 3/4" manila rope 40 years ago as a present for my mother and father-in-law. My wife and I now have it and can't seem to wear it out. That is a very durable mat. The lines on the right hand show where the ends are whipped and tied with constrictor knots to the neighboring stands
  9. Expanded Lanyard Knot

    The single strand lanyard knot is the basis for many fobs and lanyards. The expanded version opens up many new possibilities. Like the regular lanyard knot this version can be doubled. I have written a tutorial that can be found at extended (expanded) lanyard Knot Tutorial
  10. Bosun's Brush

  11. Bosun's Brush

    It is a standard lanyard or diamond knot. Here is one tutorial. A Google search will show many others
  12. Bosun's Brush

    Bosun's Brush 1/2" manila rope folded in half. 2 ends tied in 2 strand diamond (lanyard) knot. Ends combed out and trimmed.
  13. Half Hitch Mat/Bowl

    I like all decorative ropework so it is difficult to pick a favorite.
  14. Half Hitch Mat/Bowl

    Mat can be kept flat (left) or the edges can be turned up to make bowl (right). Tutorial is available.
  15. Fancy Ropework

    If you are interested in making your own nets I have written Instructions (now over 30 years old) that have stood the test of time; If you are interested in exploring the craft further check out the nets and net making section here. Over a dozen net making related topics.