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  1. Pirate Flag (a making of)

    Excellent work.
  2. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Would that I could bind it all and put it on my shelf. It was this forum that brought me to reenacting, realizing that "playing Pyrate" could be more than a childhood memory and that we could simultaneously advance the study of the actual history, and stories, of Pyrates during the so-called Golden Age. While I, like many, don't come here as much as I used to, it was always reassuring to know that I could.
  3. Pyrate Comix

    Aye, you can't leave us hangin' at "plunder bunnies."
  4. Blackbeard 1/6 Figure (internet find)

    That's actually pretty amazing.
  5. The Tin Kitchen

    For a long time now I have been looking for the earliest reference to a "tin kitchen", a kind of half-round reflector oven. To date I have only been able to find references to around the time of the Revolution. That is until tonight. On the 18th Century Material Culture's Facebook page I found two paintings dating to the late 1600's with clear depictions of the "tin kitchen." "The Cook, 1657-1667" and an untitled work dated sometime prior to 1678. So now I will buy a tin kitchen and use it secure in the knowledge that it is at least period. Now, can anyone find a reference to one of these, or something similar, being aboard a ship?
  6. FTPI 2015 Cancelled

    As for me, I am intending to take the family to Key West anyway, being as it is relatively close at hand. I am also contemplating a full attendance at the Alafia River Rendezvous, a week-long, pre-1840, closed event.
  7. FTPI 2015 Cancelled

    Aye, we'll be firing double-shotted cannon in 2016. Meanwhile, back to roving...
  8. accurate pen and ink for period writing

    On the subject of metal vs quill pens, an excerpt from Daniel Defoe's book "A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain - 1724-26" Letter VII: "the plaster of the ceilings and walls in some rooms is so fine, so firm, so entire, that they break it off in large flakes, and it will bear writing on it with a pencil or steel pen" . The passage is written in such a manner as to suggest that the steel pen was relatively well-known if not altogether common.
  9. Wheel lock project now underway

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Found an awesome custom costume shop

    She's "Living in the woods outside Portland, Oregon" and seems to be pretty much off the grid except for email.
  11. PoD celebrates another circumnavigation..

    Click. Enjoy. Happy birthday.
  12. Ancient one resurfaces

    I've only been here since 2005, but it is nice to see you again.
  13. Post yer colors, mates!

    Thanks Bo.
  14. Post yer colors, mates!

    You should have been a surgeon. Oh, wait, we have one of those. I'll have to try my hand.
  15. Post yer colors, mates!

    Well, damn. They are so detailed they look printed. What sort of paint? Thinned latex?
  16. Post yer colors, mates!

    William, how do you make those large flags like the FTPI and the Pirates of the Treasure Cove?
  17. Happy Solstice!

    Ah, yes, the winter solstice. Also my wedding anniversary on the night of a full moon back in 1991.
  18. Post yer colors, mates!

    It's been washed, slept on, wadded up and folded enough to soften it quite a bit. I'd like to make a really big one (10 x 20 feet) this year. I know that painted and sewn are both historically accurate so I'll make up my mind on that later. I'm leaning toward painted. Forgot to mention that the flying gif is courtesy of Poppa Ratsey Callahan.
  19. an diea for a Pirate flag

    If you mean by "official" a flag that would represent a group that you are forming then any flag you can design is "official" for your group so long as you didn't steal it. Some steal elements of other flags and represent them as their own. One such frequently stolen design element is the "crossed pistols" from this flag: I'd start with the thread below to get an idea of what an "historical" flag looked like. After that it is up to you. A more authentic flag would have simple design elements visible at great distances, up to ten miles (the distance to the horizon from a masthead, give or take a couple of miles.) The earliest flag of imminent mayhem was the red flag symbolizing that no quarter would be given or asked. The point is that if you like your flag and it is unique to yourself or group then it's official. There is no real "wrong" on personal or crew flags, only on historical flags. Mine has elements taken from historical flags. The Skull and Bones is from a flag attributed to Emanuel Wynne. I substituted a cutlass below instead of the hourglass on Wynnes flag and moved the hourglass to the red tail. Simple, effective, semi-historical. And it looks good at a distance: Look here for what others have done:
  20. Post yer colors, mates!

    So these are your colors, mate? It says a lot about you but mostly it says that you are finally admitting that you are, indeed, a pyrate.
  21. Post yer colors, mates!

    My goodness but my colors have never been posted here. So a correction is in order. This was taken while flying over Fort Taylor in Key West, Florida.
  22. Happy Birthday Capt. Bo

    Happy Birthday, mate. Better luck in the field next time.
  23. 1700 Sleeved Waistcoat

    Details on the fabric, if you please. What weight, bought from whom, etc.
  24. 1700 Sleeved Waistcoat

    Very nice.
  25. FTPI Roll Call 2015

    I'm in. And, come Hell or high water, the rest of the family will attend as well. The Oar House and a Concrete Tent may be used to accommodate this.