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    Off the coast of Tampa Bay (Unfortunately, inland from the coast)
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    I'm 57, formerly a wildlife ecologist and biologist, now a stay-at-home dad. I grew up on the west coast of Florida, where Anna Maria Sound and Tampa Bay were my playground. My interests include, but are not limited to cannon, black powder arms, history, fishing the flats, sailing, fine wood working, flint gun building, hunting, good gun dogs. Above all, my wife and children.
  1. Pirate Flag (a making of)

    Excellent work.
  2. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Would that I could bind it all and put it on my shelf. It was this forum that brought me to reenacting, realizing that "playing Pyrate" could be more than a childhood memory and that we could simultaneously advance the study of the actual history, and stories, of Pyrates during the so-called Golden Age. While I, like many, don't come here as much as I used to, it was always reassuring to know that I could.
  3. Pyrate Comix

    Aye, you can't leave us hangin' at "plunder bunnies."
  4. Blackbeard 1/6 Figure (internet find)

    That's actually pretty amazing.
  5. FTPI 2015 Cancelled

    As for me, I am intending to take the family to Key West anyway, being as it is relatively close at hand. I am also contemplating a full attendance at the Alafia River Rendezvous, a week-long, pre-1840, closed event.
  6. FTPI 2015 Cancelled

    Aye, we'll be firing double-shotted cannon in 2016. Meanwhile, back to roving...
  7. accurate pen and ink for period writing

    On the subject of metal vs quill pens, an excerpt from Daniel Defoe's book "A Tour Through the Whole Island of Great Britain - 1724-26" Letter VII: "the plaster of the ceilings and walls in some rooms is so fine, so firm, so entire, that they break it off in large flakes, and it will bear writing on it with a pencil or steel pen" . The passage is written in such a manner as to suggest that the steel pen was relatively well-known if not altogether common.
  8. Wheel lock project now underway

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Found an awesome custom costume shop

    She's "Living in the woods outside Portland, Oregon" and seems to be pretty much off the grid except for email.
  10. PoD celebrates another circumnavigation..

    Click. Enjoy. Happy birthday.
  11. Ancient one resurfaces

    I've only been here since 2005, but it is nice to see you again.
  12. Post yer colors, mates!

    Thanks Bo.
  13. Post yer colors, mates!

    You should have been a surgeon. Oh, wait, we have one of those. I'll have to try my hand.
  14. Post yer colors, mates!

    Well, damn. They are so detailed they look printed. What sort of paint? Thinned latex?
  15. Post yer colors, mates!

    William, how do you make those large flags like the FTPI and the Pirates of the Treasure Cove?