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    Auto racing, Historical fencing, Ren Faires, Acting/Singing, Sailing of course<br><br>I'm a professional mariner by trade. An Officer in the Canadian Navy.
  1. Pirates of the Burning Sea

    Since I'm not American Military but Canadian it might be a problem :)
  2. Any Real Sailors

    How about a professional sailor? I've held a commission in Her Majesty's Canadian Navy for the last 20 years (did 2 years in the ranks previously) as a MARS Officer (Maritime Surface). That's the officer that drives and commands our ships. I've served aboard our Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDV) as the ship's Navigator and most recently as Operations Officer. For the last year I've been ashore, returning from Afghanistan this past June and now I'm teaching at our Deployed Operations school. I've been tagged to go back to sea for a few weeks here and there to fill in as XO (2nd in Command) over leave periods and such. Here's a few pics This was on the cover of our west coast navy base newspaper. It was a story of the guy on the left. I'm the Navigator at the Polaris taking a fix. This is the ship I'm qualified to drive. It's 55m long (180ft for you guys) and 1000tonne And this is just a cool pic taken of me driving one of our small patrol boats (75ft, 75tonne) for a CAN-US Port Security Ex a few years back. Command is an addictive thing.
  3. Pirates of the Burning Sea

    I see that there is a 6month free trial for members of the US Military. I've emailed to see if they would extend that offer to members of an ally military :)
  4. Voting is now live for the Devil's Dozen

    Ex-cellent. I await my issue with even more anticipation then :) But I thought the next issue declares who the 13 selected are?
  5. Voting is now live for the Devil's Dozen

    Am I missing a link somewhere to find out more about these worthy pirates? I know a few, but not all. Be good to read their exploits. What Pirate doesn't like to boost of their deeds?
  6. The Pyrates Way Issues 10 -14 Updates

    I've keep fairly quiet, but I really have to vent now. I never got the 4th issue of my one year subscription and that was issue #7! No replies to emails, so I've given up. My emails recently have been to remove me from the email list because if you're not going listen to me, I don't want to hear from you. I asked if my account on their forum can be removed. I've blocked the emails as spam. Bad business. I've told people around here about this, and they have gone with Pirates Magazine. I'm very happy with their customer service. They made sure I had one of my issues before I left for Afghanistan. I've written Pyrates Way off.
  7. So, I'm playing Pirates on Facebook

    I just started plunderen the seas. Anyone still play? I've exchanged with Syren and Billy. Anyone else?
  8. Pirate Revel at the Sterling Renaissance Festival

    Last year wasn't bad. The new owner has put a lot into Sterling. I'll be there on Saturday
  9. Deadliest Warrior

    I just saw the Taliban vs. IRA. Served over in the south of Afghanistan with a Brit Major who was a policemen in Northern Ireland. It was off on both sides. Especially the Taliban.
  10. Yaaarrrrr!!!! Me be lookin fer pirate fiction!&#33

    I must say I am really enjoying the story Just started getting the mag. When I came to the end of the chapter I was "NOoooo!" Didn't know it was only a chapter and not a whole story till the end. Hats off to you both I have get more back issues :) Looking forward to the next issue
  11. Autumn 08 Pyrates Way magazine

    I've sent a couple of emails. Were you going to email back to confirm that the issue was sent out?
  12. A Halloween Pirate Recall

    Yes, this messes up my usuall Halloween handouts A treasure chest of lollypops just isn't the same :)
  13. Autumn 08 Pyrates Way magazine

    Still waiting on mine as well. And it's almost Halloween. Hope the posties at the board arn't passing it around for a read before sending it on.
  14. Happy Birthday William Blydes!!

    Thanks all! I've been away for a while and just found the pub back open. Glad it's up and running again :)
  15. Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 Details

    I understood the POTC animated series was the characters that are on all the cartoon style party supplies and such.... someone gave me a set of placemats with the characters annimated on them