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    My name is Madame Mayhem, or Miss Mayhem if you please. I be the Keep of the Floggin an Groggin tavern of Tortuga, flyin the green of The Emerald Dawn. Proprietor of many trade.
  1. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome aboard seadog. =]
  2. Welcome to the "Empty Keg"

    I recently came across this interesting website, I've come across a few of these recipes in some books. I thought you guys would enjoy the little read.
  3. sangaree?

    Aye, you be right. I stocked me tavern with the finest spirits found.
  4. sangaree?

    Wow. Thanks everyone.
  5. sangaree?

    I've recently started a new project, creating pirate themed bartending book. We try to keep as much of the drinks as historically accurate as we can. I came to halt trying research what we know as sangria, Sangaree, is original made from. Most recipes I came across were absurd. Does anyone have a good reference to a period correct version?
  6. Rackham's skeleton

    What I've been reading, the original port royal and burial site of rackham, Morgan and more was lost due to natural disasters.
  7. Rackham's skeleton

    Although there has been several movies that have used real skeletons on set, the likelihood POTC filmed port royal at the real port royal is minimal. I'm sure a simple internet search can debunk it. If I am correct, the moving of a 300 year old skeleton is also highly unlikely. Now I am going to look into this. Could prove interesting
  8. Welcome aboard!

    Thank you very much! I'm from the Unitied states.
  9. How would a pirate vilage/town look like

    Fantastic references!
  10. Welcome aboard!

    Funny, I was just about to start a thread about "how would a pirate vilage/town look like". So keep your eyes open, it will start in a few moments (Edit!) Tataaa: Ah wonderful!
  11. Welcome aboard!

    Aye. Wenches are plentiful in me tavern. They give the men a more prefered company and keep their bellies full.
  12. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy seadogs. My name is Madame Mayhem, mayhem is a long time alias I've used. But she had no character. In 2013, I joined a burner group called The Emerald Dawn, they make birthe at 'Tortuga', our pop up camp. Suddenly, i found myself researching, creating, and more. My character was born, I was given a tavern. My interests were not satisfied, I went above and beyond. My goal is to eventually take some old land, and build a pirate themed town on it. Future ambitions. =] I'm happy to be a part of the community. Thank you