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  1. The Pirates 3rd Salty Ball, Feb 23, 2013

    Thanks to all you pirates who helped make the Pirates 3rd Salty Ball a huge success. If you would like to get a taste of what went down, check out the Pyrates Way podcast, The Black Fox has 40 min of two sets combined. See all who came next year for the Pirates 4th Salty Ball !
  2. Our First Dagger Pistol of many to come

    Nice work. Too bad box-locks like this are not GAoP.
  3. Blackbeard's Wind

    Aye an we has a new tune, written by the bosun, commemorating the winds an tornados from the Blackbeard Festival in 2012. We'll be perfoming it this year, and record it later in 2013, for our 7th ( ! ) CD.
  4. Happy Birthday Cap'n Thighbiter

    Thankee Hook, it's been a real party today. An it ain't over yet.
  5. That "X" of cord on the side of a tricorn

    Forgive me, but were not cocked hats meant to be 'unfolded' in times of inclement weather?? Seems like the X would be needed to keep the suckers sides up.
  6. The Pirates 3rd Salty Ball, Feb 23, 2013

    To All , advance admission to the Pirate's 3rd Salty Ball has closed, however we allowing at the door admission, for a mere $10. This year's Salty Ball is going to be one for the books! Next year 2014, we will need to move to larger quarters, and say good bye to our good friends at the Baymont Inn. The Pirate's Salty Ball - well, what the hell else would you call it ??
  7. The Pirates 3rd Salty Ball, Feb 23, 2013

    Ah, Master Hook, t'will be good to see you an yer Lady. The 3rd Salty Ball promises to be yet again a remarkable event, kind of like a Pirate Festival compressed into one evening. We have some new things we will be trying out and special guest(s) to enhance the evening. For those local to Hartford CT, it a real deal, only $10 for admission and even if ye needs to let a room for the night ( so's ye don't have to drive drunk) the rooms are only $60. Where else can one spend $70 for a solid evening of debauchery and fellowship with your bretheren, with most of the monies spent going to 2 really deserving causes, Testicular Cancer and the HMS Bounty relief Fund. The Brigands put this on not to make a dime, but as a chance for our New England fans and friends to share an evening with us, and to help out 2 good organizations. The Pirates 3rd Salty Ball - make a vas deferens and don't be testy about it!
  8. Aye, the Pirates 3rd Salty Ball. Fer you swabs from strange waters, a full evening of filthy mayhem with The Brigands, the Baudy Buccaneers, the Crimson Pirates and special guest(s), Dancing and singing for all, while the bands pull out their no-holds-barred material. To benefit the Testicular Cancer Society and the HMS Bounty Relief Fund. Feb 23, 6-10? PM, outside o' Hartford Ct. Just cuz it's the 3rd Ball doesn't mean it's superfluous! Cum and have a testacular time. Gonad this to your calendar ! At the Baymont Inn, Manchester Ct, we has a bank o rooms at a special price of $60/room, so's ye can drink yer fill an fall into yer bunk. Here be the link:
  9. sutler or pyrate

    What about winning an item in a raffle ( custom made weskit) and never receiving it. Been nigh on 2 years, and I gave up asking. Bloody pirates is too good for 'em. Rum-soaked, incontinent, lick-spittle, grass-combing lubbers is what I calls someone who cheats a fellow sailor.
  10. New debut

    And they are ALL nice !!! Having fired them at St. Augustine, I wish I could get them all.
  11. "The Guns of Hampton"

    Hawkyns we will be not only recording at Ft Taylor, we will be filming too. First time we'll have access to a high def camera and sound equipment. MTV and VH1 , here we come!
  12. "The Guns of Hampton"

    LOL, Hook, you're not the first to get fooled by that track! Right after Ft Taylor, we go back into the studio to record our 7th ( !) CD, Working title: Well Hung But we won't release anything until 2013.
  13. Tybee pirate fest oct 4th -7th

    The Brigands be flyin' down Fri morn. Hafta make sure I run into the Commodore there, that is an impressing piece of ordinance.
  14. "The Guns of Hampton"

    Aww, now that there is right touching, what?
  15. Heading to NYRF Pirate Weekennd next Sat, for some free form pirate music.