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    Writing, classic rock, drawing, cheesy romance novels, Star Wars and sci-fi in general, Lord of the Rings and fantasy in general, movies (both making and watching), celtic music, Monty Python, fun socks, Mel Brooks, Tim Burton, Jonny Depp (siiiigh...) the 60's, the 80's, pirates, ninjas, lists, web comics, and people with accents.
  1. Period Pirate Movie

    Oooh, I remember reading about her, she was cool... personally my favorite pirate is Black Bart.
  2. Discover your Pirate Name

    A snerk is a cross between a smirk and a snort, I think.
  3. Discover your Pirate Name

    Let's see... my pornstar name is apparently Pumpkin Brannen. Odd. Romance writer name is Elizabeth Los Ranchos. *snerk* My pirate name is... White Nose Beth?! *giggle fit* Using the second formula, I get... Miss Lincoln Elizabeth Belisetiger? Um... I'll stick with Mad Molly.
  4. WTF? Are they expecting a baby of unusual size or something? Or is that for all the video cameras?
  5. Uhg. Very sorry. You can always aquire a cannon and launch things at her house.
  6. Cartoonie Wenches!

    *squints and tilts head* Maybe you're right... or I could just be holding my arm weirdly... whichever. *shrugs*
  7. Hmmm, that is something to think about... Ireland and Scotland (Got to viset the lands of my forefathers, of course) Jamacia (Pirate central! ) Italy Greece France New Zealand I want to say Austrailia, but I'm terrorfied of those monsterous fanged jumping spiders they've got down there O.O While we're wishing, my life's greatest ambition is to get rich, buy a ship of some type, paint it black, hoist the pirate colors, and set off to whatever port is fashionable this year, there to thoroughly annoy the celebrities I don't like and attempt to comandeer their yahts. "Avast there, Brittany, ye slutty trollop! I'm taking this vessel in the name of ME!"
  8. Cartoonie Wenches!

    Heh. That would rock.
  9. Cartoonie Wenches!

    Yep, that'd be me.
  10. Cartoonie Wenches!

    I just had to post this, it is far to cool not to share... My good buddy Allison, who is an amazing artist, was talked (or bullied) into drawing a series of pictures featuring various members of our "gang" as pirates. She is as good as her word, and to my immense delight, she chose to draw me as one of the first. I've been dieing to get drawn by this chick for ages, and she finally has, as a sword-toting, asskicking swashbuckler with a hook, no less! She even included my favorite hat! Anyway, check out the first two portraits of members of the crew of the Lusty Weasel. Or the Scurvy Lasses of the... Lust Weasels? We haven't been able to agree on our ship's name yet. Captain Tish and Quartermaster Julia Myself, the Boatswain
  11. Re-enacting

    That's brilliantly devious.
  12. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

    Veggie Tails did it origionaly, Reliant K covered it. I guess it sorta makes sense, seeing as Reliant K is a Christian band and Veggie Tails is a Christian cartoon, so... yeah. Anyway, both versions rock my socks.
  13. I happen to be good friends with two young ladies and one gentleman who make up a band called Herot. They're currently working on their own cd which will include many great songs (one of which I wrote the lyrics to, but that's another story) but their first and biggest hit (at least to me and their relitivly small fanbase) is called Rageing Hunk Of Man Pirate, a tribute to everyone's favorite swaggering seaman, Jack Sparrow. Unfortunately, I have now way to allow you all to listen to the song, but here are the hilarious lyrics, as well as a picture I drew of the two females of the band (Aaron, the basist, had yet to join when this was drawn), Tortuga Tish and Red Handed Julia. Raging hunk of man pirate blow me down I wanna get lost in your sea bound lovin' With the beads in your hair and your dark eyes roveing They're the only ocean that can make me drown Steal my treasure It gives me pleasure The rum is not gone The noose has been drawn But I'm far from dead Comandeering a ship with captain Jack Pirating is just a fight for freedom It makes me hot when we piss off the Navy Now let me braid the hair on your back Screw being courted Prepare to be boarded The rum is not gone The noose has been drawn But I'm far from dead Proudly fly your flag above Baby show me that horizon Surrender to the pirate inside And you can walk the plank for love We'll be stylin' On Tortuga Island The rum is not gone The noose has been drawn But I'm far from dead But I'm far from... dead...
  14. You in yar garb.

    A couple of me.
  15. Just curious to know if there are any other pirates in the great lone star state. The only events I know of that might attract such scurvy dogs would be the Scarborough Fair (alas, already past) or the big Texas Rennesance Festival (not untill October). Anyone know if there any other pirate events in these parts?I know we have a local SCA, but I don't know if there are any pirates in the group...