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  1. Sea Shanties with different words

    Hi folks I was wondering how much trouble would I get in if I use well know Sea Shanties and change the words around, A good example of this is Whiskey in the Jar, the song was used for Fighting for Uncle Sam. LW
  2. 18th Century Pirates help

    Hi folks I need help with 18th Century Pirates, and Queen Anne's War. I need source books and sources which I don't have yet, specially on Queen's Anne War. LW
  3. Salted Horse

    it's the Jacky Faber novel series that I got Salted Horse from, LW
  4. Hi folks I need to know what type of Puddings were eaten in the 18th Century, 1720 to 1750 timeframe?. LW
  5. 18th Century Navies

    well Since my Hard Grimdark Fantasy setting is set in the timeframe of 1720 to 1750, one of my problem is how organized is the Martime Powers?. In our world it was the 18th Century Navies getting there act together in mid to late 18th century, LW
  6. 18th Century Whaling for Oil

    Whaling from 1720 to 1750 timeframe, LW
  7. 18th Century Whaling for Oil

    Hi I need info on Whaling for Oil in the 18th Century, Moby Dick is 19th Century Whaling for Oil, LW
  8. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    Well if I did use Davy Jones as my Death would Diseny Sue me?, LW
  9. pirates101 invites

    Hi folks I giving a code for Pirates101 it's an invite TQ45D-2L9E5-53C9M-LL4Q7 I'll get 400 crowns and so will the invite LW
  10. Hi folks I need to know some 17th Century dishes for my 17th Century world in 21th Century timeframe. LW
  11. Um folks hi again I still need help with this setting a 17th Century world in 21th Century timeframe, LW
  12. Hi I was wondering when Flint Gunlocks were started generally used by Naval Powers, British Empire 1745, French 1805, but what about the other Naval powers and Barbary Pirates. LW
  13. 18th Century Navies

    Hi in creating a early 18th Century Hard Fantasy world set during the Golden Age of Piracy that's 1720 to 1730 timeframe a Human only world, so I need info on 18th Century Navies, Unforms which Sea going powers started using them? Flint Gunlocks on Cannons when did the Nations started using them? Ship Pilot Wheel's when did each Sea going Nation generally started to use them?, LW
  14. My thoughts on Capt Johnson's book

    Well the book reads like it was written by a Police or Crime Reporter in my mind at least. LW
  15. Davy Jones and Fiddler's Green and Sea Myths

    18th Century Christian Beliefs were do I find sources and Books on afterlife as well. LW