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  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    New trailer just dropped. Interesting... we see a young Jack Sparrow. It looks like they're going back to the Well for this one as it has a lot of elements from the first POTC.
  2. Casting call for pirates 5

    I'm not too keen. Just seems like a lot of rehash of old stuff. New Trailer just dropped. http://www.vulture.com/2017/02/new-pirates-of-the-caribbean-dead-men-tell-no-tales-trailer.html
  3. Casting call for pirates 5

    BBC just posted an article (about Depps enormous amounts of spending) and called this "Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge." I find that rather odd unless that was the production name and not the official title. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-38825230 It's at the bottom of the article.
  4. Review of Black Sails pilot

    I'm going to see episode 1 of Season 4 soon and I can't wait. This show though not historically accurate or correct in many aspects is still more along the historical vein of true Pirates than anything POTC ever did (which is fine, I still love POTC for the most part). Blood, guts, sex, intrigue, anger (so much anger). I don't mind the cussing and sex but I do appreciate that as the seasons have gone on, they have taken almost all the sex out. Drawing in the audience with T&A and then slowly letting plot and characters take center stage that's pretty clever. I will say that the advertising for this show must be a bit off. There's very few people I've met in my every day life that have ever heard of this show. I've even interacted with some other Pyrates that had never heard of it. I'm very sad S4 will be the last but I'm also very glad that they know when to call it quits and leave us wanting more. I love the fact that this is a prequel to Treasure Island and it adds so much to that classic story that I know we've all read and watched to death. Another funny note, I know one other person that watches this and he's not into Pirates. I made an off hand remark about "atleast this character will live" and he was shocked that I ruined it for him. I had to point out that the character was in Treasure Island and apologized for ruining the plot to a 130 year old book, haha.
  5. Is Flying Canoe Traders gone ?

    Last time I ordered from them I heard nothing for 3 months. Then I received an email (from a hotmail account) from some gent saying he was their USA rep. He asked what I wanted to order, I emailed back and heard nothing again for 3 months. After that, I decided enough was enough. It sucks. I have a pair of their drop front breeches and they're tough as nails, hands down best re-enactment pants I have.
  6. You in yar garb.

    Thanks! I've been meaning to post there. Done and done.
  7. Recently moved to the area. I'm interested in Pirate gatherings, ren faires, historical re-enactment and just plain fun. Wouldn't mind a once a month "Pirate night" at a good pub. I'm open to charity events, boating events, educational events, etc. I love ren faire (around May or June in this area). I would personally like to start my own group if anyone is interested. If there's already an established crew, I don't mind joining up either. Located in the Portsmouth, NH area. Tiberius Flynn
  8. You in yar garb.

    Thanks, mate! I've been meaning to make introductions but have been pretty busy. I've recently traversed 2000 miles from the Gulf Coast to the New Hampshire coast, so I've lost most of my crew. I am definitely looking to start up another group, maybe something along the lines of monthly pirate gatherings or so.
  9. You in yar garb.

    Here's a few pics of me, my lovely wife and a few pics of some of the crews I've gathered.
  10. This website seems to no longer exist.... sadly.