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  1. I do have yours Patrick. I'll have to do some detectivery as not all the cards have been signed by the artists.
  2. So far, I've only received a few sets of cards. Please get them to me as soon as you can. :)
  3. The Watch Dog

    Preston stood next to Dorian. He inched down the rail to survey the catastrophe that had just befallen the crew. Preston turned to tell the crew to get a boat in the water but stopped short realizing that all of the small boats between the Lucy and the Watch Dog were in the water. Calls from those in the small boats could be heard over the commands, orders and shouts from those still above. Any man below on the Lucy had now heard the yelling on deck. Running atop they reached the rail just to see what the Navarra had accomplished. Nigel Brisbane and Jospeh Aretineson were the first to arrive. The two quickly dragged the broken cable connecting the Lucy to the Watch Dog back on board. Logan Christie and Charlie Marsh with Benjamin Quigley quickly behind them next took their place along the rail. Charlie squinted into the rain and stood confused, "why, wha..." Nigel simply pointed at the Navarra now steadily heading away. But Charlie's eye was elsewhere. "Ye gods," Charlie mumbled, "lookit the rigging on the Dog." The men now standing at the rail prayed that while the Navarra had caused considerable damage to the Watch Dog, that it was the only damage done aboard. Any loss of life or limb would be unforgivable. "Mister Pew" called Logan. He pointed at the hull of what had to be the Lucy's longboat. Several sets of eyes scanned the turbulent water now covered with debris. Charlie Goddon, John Kingsman, Peter Norman, and David Leigh could not be seen.
  4. The Watch Dog

    Dorian, Preston, and those still aboard the Lucy fell to the rail in fits of yelling and silence. The scene unfolding before them was one that no matter of noise could stop.
  5. No worries. The hurricane has thrown everything off. I've only received one set so far. They'll get here when they get here. :)
  6. The Watch Dog

    "Aye sah." Preston made his way on deck. He had already begun to make his own list of 'volunteers' for whom he would like to have aboard the Lucy. How to get the great gunns across to the Watch Dog in this mess would be the true test. Upon his last step, Preston heard something above the wind. He turned to the Watch Dog and saw a flurry of men running about, yelling and pointing. He wiped the rain from his eyes. And did it again to make sure what he saw was not a figment of his imagination. Preston turned and yelled. "DORIAN!"
  7. East Coast Pirates, batten your hatches

    Woke up this morning to 9" of rainfall, trees down, and the loss of a fence. Water over the roads and boats floating in the marshes. Interesting way to end a week between the earthquake, hurricane, and tornadoes. Just waiting on the plague of locusts.
  8. The Watch Dog

    Preston followed closely behind Dorian. Talk between the two was very sparse. Dorian was obviously concerned for the Lucy, the men and their goods and he wore that burden on his face. The spray hit them at once as they climbed aboard the troubled ship. She had heeled over a bit more since they had left for the Watch Dog. The drizzle had continued, but the wind picked up. Over the rail, they were met by Alder who looked the worse for wear. Dorian now had reason to be more concerned. Travelling below, the ship now took on a different aura. Preston stopped as he stopped immediately below deck as Alder and Dorian continued to the main section of repair. Peering left and right, all he could compare the Lucy to was a tomb. Devoid of goods, men, and noise- save for the rain above, the tide aside and Alder's men further ahead. A few shaded lanterns cast odd shadows against the bare walls. Preston followed them.
  9. All pm's have been replied to. FWIW, we here on the east coast are about to get pummeled by Hurricane Irene. I'll get the cards out asap and when they all come in.
  10. We're at 7 players right now. Get started on your designs and plan on mailing them out September 1.
  11. Those to sign the articles so far: 1. Pew 2. Gunpowder Gertie 3. Jollyjacktar 4. Wes1761 5. Ransom 6. Cannibal Chrispy 7. Patrick Hand
  12. What are you reading right now ?

    Finshed On Stranger Tides, almost finished Woodes Rogers Pirate Hunter. Soon to start If a pirate I must be, the story of Black Bart.
  13. Pool or beach? Summer decisions are so difficult.

    1. Jas. Hook

      Jas. Hook

      Folks P in pools. Treasure is buried on a beach. Now make your decision. ;>)

    2. Ransom


      I'm with Mr. Hook. But if the beach is 400 mi away, and the pool in your back yard, then I guess it would be the pool. Where I live...I could go either way..except it would be a hot tub, not a pool :=)

    3. Pew


      There's no P in my pool. lol. And the beach is a 200 yard walk from the back deck... :)