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  1. Pewter Buttons and Breast Cancer Pins

    They are definitely nice. I'm still taking inventory and snapping pictures, it's a long process. Every time I turn around I'm finding more of them, so it's constant note taking and the like. He had made a few thousand for PyrateCon 2010, but wasn't able to go as he was recovering from his bypass.
  2. I wasn't sure if I could post in the old threads or not, but since the topics weren't mine I figured I would go on and make a new thread. I have literal tons of pewter buttons that Renfairepirate had poured, along with some breast cancer pins. He ascended to Pirate Heaven in October of 2014, and I don't want to melt them down (especially the ones that are already antiqued). Pouring these buttons was an extensive hobby of his, one that he turned into a business on here and eBay to the satisfaction of hundreds of people over the years. I will be continuing his craft once I no longer have countless boxes of his buttons (and maybe I won't take a Save the Wubblies to the foot). All Breast Cancer pin profits go to breast cancer research. I have some button styles in the hundreds, others less than fifty. I'm taking updated pictures, and you can find them on my Etsy store as I post them online. If anyone is interested, or has any questions, feel free to let me know.
  3. Welcome aboard!

    Ahoy mateys! My name is Jessica, and I just turned 24. My father used to frequent these forums, so that's where I heard of the place. We used to frequent the Kansas City RenFaire, occasionally traveling to St. Louis and, on one occasion, PyrateCon (Which I wasn't allowed to go to, because my parent's weren't fond of the idea of a 17 year old running around New Orleans). I play a lot of video games and am attending school for Software and Mobile Application Development at the moment. I actually set the pirate aspect of my life aside for a while after my dad's passing, but am back here since I (finally) found his tutorial on the forums for pewter buttons. I hope to one day be able to do leatherworking, but for now I'll live with chatting with people who have similar interest. That's why we're all here, after all. (Basically I ran out of things to say and just kept rambling...)