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    I finally made it…, it was a long run but here I am. I started my dream 16 years ago……. When I was in kindergarten I met a friend named Garret, we were friends from the first day of school. Later on I had a dream that I never go tied of, me sailing the Caribbean on a pirate boat, me as the captain, Garret as my first mate (rest of crew is yet to filled in, except for the guy who cleans the poop deck, I know who that’s going to be). So my plane was simple, make as much money as we possibly can, and spend as little as possible. After high school garret moved in to my place, which was my parent place but they moved out, so I got a free home. We went to college together, I got into being a computer programmer with a side job of investing in real estate. Garret did the same thing. We both ended up working in the same job, and we are both are investing in real estate. This is what a am currently doing right now, but I am getting ready for the next big step in my adventure, buying the pirate ship. This is where I am going to need some help, so if any one can help me please do.
  1. So Pirate Paul ...ever buy that pirate ship?

  2. Favorite Song

    I was wondering if you guys can tell me some songs you like that have to do with sailing, pirates, or anything that makes you feel all warm inside that gives the image if sailing your own boat out into the sea (or something like that) I like "Beyond the Sea" by Robbie Williams it could be theme music from like a movie or something too.
  3. Finding a Pirate Ship

    Oh... one thing i forgot, what are you guys talking about when you want me to buy you guys a round of drinks
  4. Finding a Pirate Ship

    1)I spent quiet a while researching everything I can, starting young reading books and stuff, later taking history classes about the time. Right now I am doing research on the legal part of it. 2) I spent some time working on a ship on the cost of Louisiana in New Orleans, it was a old fashion tour type of deal, there is got the feel of water. later I went with a buddy of mine on a bigger boat out farther in the seas, there I got the feel of stormy type of situations. well I found out that I don’t get sea sick (pheww) and its a lot funner then I hoped one thing I want to make clear, the idea of a pirate boat is mostly going to between me and my friends. I want the feel of a pirate boat because I spent my whole life loving everything about pirates.( I don’t want to actually take the role of a pirate and go overboard on the idea and actually rob a little drug boats coming form Colombia or something) other wise I want this because something is driving me to sail out in the ocean, I don’t know what but something is telling me this is what I have to do. What could be more important then the boat is the friends I am going to have on them. Another thing is that I am young, I am 21, this seems young, I know. Don’t give the impression that iam still a student in debt in a one room apartment or any thing. I graduated from high school early and was able to start on colleague early. I went to a speeded college plan combing internet classes with going to class. I majored in computer programming, and Iam quickly working my way up the latter. Also the side investing of homes in some hot spots in Colorado. So hopefully money wont become a problem, and while iam young i am trying to get all the experience I can get.
  5. Finding a Pirate Ship

    I hope no one thinks iam a little weird coming up this idea, but iam absolutely serious into doing this one. ( what I mean by this one is that I have a huge list of my dreams that I am determined to complete, things like making the worlds largest conga line, and recreating the opening credit scene from the Drew Cary Show. But the ship is the absolute most important one) but yeh, if any one knows about pricing for ships or costs of licenses and permits and stuff like that. Things Iam worried about on a ship would be international borders on the sea, I want to sail in the gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, I just don’t want to run in to trouble with some Cuban or Mexican police boat and end up spending the night in one of there jails sleeping with a guy named Guadeloupe. One thing I also need is some shipmates which Iam still looking for. One more thing that I want to do is offer a 1 to 2 week stay on my ship to people who would love to stay on a pirate ship. Still need help so please keep wrinting
  6. Finding a Pirate Ship

    I was wondering if anyone could help me in a lifelong dream. Me and my friend have been friends for 24 years, sense the first day of kindergarten. It started with a dream that we never got tired of, sailing the Caribbean in a pirate ship ( maybe not a actual pirate ship but one made to look like one). We started early in life and had the opportunity to take care of my parents house, and later owned the place when they left it to me (nice place by the way), we went to a near by college together and got in the real estate business and are earning quiet a bit of money, everything goes to the bank. the money saved in that bank is for our dreams. That Pirate Ship, a custom made (or not) pirate ship, not some crap small boat, but an actual ship, made for sailing, made with quality, (absolute QUALITY) to function for the rest of our lives. I need help finding someone or some company to build my ship, any help or advice, or even something you think is cool to have on a boat will be welcome.