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    i like nintendo, and i like to paint, im also into my music i like frank black & the pixies & alot of rock/goth/alternative stuff
  1. The Libertine - Trailer

    GOD I want to see this film so badly.. its so strange that none of my female friends find Johnny Depp attractive.. and they think I'm the weird one
  2. Christmas; why I frigging hate it

    Oh god how I hate spending time with my family, I dont fit in with anyone.. call me Long John Silver they do.. haha I hope there is no festive music being played or i'll kill myself no, all I want is to eat, drink & be merry
  3. What you be eating right this second?

    I had a pub lunch today.. i feel fat but it was goooooood.. for a started i had the salmon melt.. mmmm... the main course i had swordfish with sweet thai sauce & white rice... and for dessert, thats right dessert i had a toffee flapjack sundae.. i did not finish entirely.. but i still feel bloated
  4. Nokia`s `Age of Piracy` to Set Sail in the Mobile

    2 words: contract phone. cost nothing & you get the hottest new piece of ear candy every year, unless you renew your contract, but no one does. Pah... Contract phones are good IF you have the money to spend on the monthly bill (or you can get a parent/guardian/someone with money that loves you to pay the bill) haharr... The bad things is, you don't know when you go over your monthly tariff, and some of the things that you get for free in the first months like internet connection are ~EXTREMELY pricy when you have to pay. off the topic of contract phones. SCAMMERS ARGGGHHH ... on the topic, I'm not a fan of nokia phones, I likes my motos arggggghhhhhh... *sulks* Damn nokia and their pirate appeal-ing-ness.. Sounds good though
  5. W.A.G.-word association game

    Mmmm... ice cream...
  6. You Might Be a Pirate if . . .

    Yarr, ye might be a pirate if when ye get told to stop putting jolly roger flags round school by the headteacher & you reply "Aye aye captain" call the other teachers skipper.