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    In love with a beautiful baby Sophia!

    Sept. 11, 2001. Ladder 24/Battalion 7~always in our hearts Volunteering for charity, pirates, crafts, gardens, animals,friends, work, my 4 children-love them, my husband of 29 years-the best for putting up with Johnny Depp obsession(here's to the next 25),Meeting Johnny, meeting Terry Rossio a dream come true, not to mention all the crew at Disneyland. May 2007-the best memories with friends and Marty. He's a great personMiss mom and dad and my best friend Mary who passed away in February 2007. . Miss my friend little "t" who passed away in '09, Pray for our troops to come home. Pray for world peace. Just pray...Praise God in everything. Jesus's request-love one another. I like it. Simple, easy to remember. Believe in something.

    Live for today. Tomorrow may not come. Don't let the sun go down upon your anger,,,Donate blood. It's only a little prick. Besides you get free cookies and juice.

    Support life. Be a tissue and organ donor. You can't take it with you so why waste it? Give someone else a chance...

    All we are saying is give peace a chance...

    All you need is love Imagine!
  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

    I am so excited for this movie...the trailers look marvelous! Jack looks better than ever Anyone going to the premiere at Disneyland on May 7th? I am! Instead of a red carpet, there will be a black carpet...awesome!
  2. I ticket to On Stranger Tides for sale

    Upper balconey VIP section. I have to sell my ticket as I cannot go to the midnight opening show of On Stranger Tides. I paid 28+ will sell for 25. Will Call, pick up that evening. This show is sold out. contact me privately if you are interested. I will be in California prior to the movie opening so we can meet at the El Capitan to exchange info with ticket office. Thanks
  3. I have a stalker!

    Hopefully this situation will not get out of hand and can be taken care of within. I would still contact the local authorities. Most have cyber crime task forces and can investigate immediately. It's not something to take lightly as we have seen how some celebrities have been stalked with tragic endings. Stay safe!
  4. Contacting Administration

    I have tried to contact 2 members that I think are administrators but both accounts "cannot recieve any more messages" came up for both. I have a problem and would like to take care of it. Thanks
  5. Captain Jack #1????

    Unfortunately the link page is missing so I cannot read the list. But I would mention Lionel Barrymoore's Captain Disko and Captain Joy, and also Anthony Quinn's Captain Chavez... and most recently, I'd like to mention a non actor, but real life Captain and hero, Captain Phillips, he would top my list ...
  6. PRAYERS!!!!!

    I am praying for your son my friend, and for you and your family to stay strong during this difficult time. Miracles happen every second of every day. take care
  7. Hi. It's been awhile since I have posted here and I am quite surprised to see the positive changes to the site. Of course I have to learn how to use it but that's OK. Never too old to learn. Anyway, I am posting information about a very special event taking place on the HMS Surprise in San Diego, California, on July 23rd. This will benefit Marty Klebba's charity, Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy(Coalition for Dwarf Advocacy/) Marty's site Information on event: We have some very nice auction items, some from the Pirates of the Caribbean Movie crew, plus several pirate vendors. There will be a cash bar, pirate music,an indie film "iPhone of the Caribbean", and of course, The HMS Surprise. It is a beautiful boat, er, I mean ship! So come out dressed in your finest pirate garb if possible...and have a good time for a great charity. Thanks so much! Julie
  8. It's been months since I have posted here. I am happy to see the nice changes to the pub! Anyway, I am sending out cyber wishes for the Holidays to everyone. It's going to be a very lean Christmas this year due to the economy and our situation but nonetheless it will still be Christmas! I am going to be a grandmother first time around so I am totally in gramma mode. The baby is due in June and I plan on making it's room here into a pirate themed(who would guess? LOL) The August fund raiser was fantastic. Lee Arenberg and Marty Klebba made it out there. We had wonderful donations from Naomie Harris, David Baille, Terry Rossio, Kevin McNally, Geoffrey Rush, the POTC makeup/costume department and Orlando Bloom. I am a proud owner of the shirt that the cast recieved from Johnny,Geoffrey,Keira and Orlando. It has all the cast photos in costume, their favorite saying from the POTC movies and their signature. It comes in handy in WNY weather since today it's about 20 degrees. LOL We are doing something in California next year but not sure exactly what but it will be pirate themed of course! Anyway, take care. Stay warm and safe. Keep focused on good things. Pray for our troops to come home and enjoy the Holidays! fondly, Jules
  9. Donated from the cast/crew of POTC

    Some of the finer auction items: come on out and bid on these rare items! All proceeds goes towards CoDA Charity
  10. Pirates gathering in Salt Lake City

    UPDATE: Lee Arenberg will be there with Marty. Radio Disney will broadcast live starting at 2pm until 6pm. We expect to have auction items from most of the cast and crew of the POTC movies.
  11. Pirates gathering in Salt Lake City

    We are showing Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, the first movie that started it all. Come see Jack on the big screen again...Meet Marty Klebba, aka pirate Marty... Silent Auction with items donated by Kevin McNally, David Bailie(Mr. Cotton), Ve Neill, Naomie Harris, Orlando Bloom and Terry Rossio. Pirate artisians have donated wonderful pirate swag for the auction-Swagarts, Yordreem, PirateDesingerJewelery. Danny Lopez, the johnnydepp impersonator will be there as well as Brandon Hillock, the Jack Sparrow impersonator. Last I heard there will be a few Jack Sparrows showing up! Costume contest: Best pirate, poppet, Jack and Marty lookalike.
  12. Pirates for CHOC - May 2, 2008

    What a great group of pirates! Good job on the charity event.
  13. Pirates for CHOC - May 2, 2008

    Just talked with Marty...he's on the way! Hope every has a great time for a good cause!
  14. What are you doing right now?

    Talked with Marty tonight, then watched hockey. Sabres are going down to the depths this year... I have so many little projects to work on and no ambition. I think I need warmer days and spring!
  15. Johnny Depp - American Gangster

    My dad met Johnny...Mr. Dillinger that is. He had a beer with him at a joint in Chicago. I've been researching my dad's early years and lucked out with someone in Chicago just recently. Wish my dad was here. He was in awe of Dillinger-everyone was during those years. I had my bags packed to go to Madison but had to change my plans. I could still go to Chicago but there will be too many fans there. The smaller towns would make the perfect setting to meet Johnny. He's just the greatest...