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    I'm a young author with a HEAVY interest in Pirates, but I'm not too well acquainted with them. I'm working on a book I call "Sister Hawk" and I wish for the community on this website to help me with some things I can't quite get a good grasp on with Google or Bing.

    My other Pirate-Related interests are playing Pirate video games, and listening to Pirate Metal and other Pirate-like music (ALESTORM is awesome!)

    I'll be sure to open up some forum topics where the people can help me, so if there's one open, don't be shy to join in!

    You can find me on other sites here:
    PSN: Johnman200
    YouTube: Johnman200YT
    ROBLOX: Bobert33
    Loadout: FullmetalFan77
    Wikia: KiryuFanatic1337
    Steam: Governor Conan the Terminator

    -Sincerely, Captain Arnarson.

    PS: ARRG!!!
  1. The crew of "The Devil's Whore"

    "It was a Man-O’-War with 102 broadside cannons, light steel armor plating, eight bow cannons as well as eight stern ones, a set of swivel guns, a set of prototype black-powder mortars, and a three-headed naval ram. Its body was painted crimson and its sails were black. The figurehead was a nude maiden’s upper half with intestines drooling out her bottom, and the Ship was called “The Devil’s Whore”. The ship wasn’t like any normal Man O’ War, because the ship’s hull was slightly slimmer and sleeker than other Man O’ Wars, making it faster almost like it had the hull of a Frigate." -One of Sister Hawk's introductory paragraphs, describing the vessel As ye can read from the words above this flag, this ship be DEADLY. Twas' sailed by Captain Johnathan Arnason, and was feared by all sailors from the Horne O' Africa to the East Coast O' Canada. It could ram into the Broadside of a Schooner and split the bloody thing in half like it was nothin'! Even Blackbeard himself wouldn't want to mess with this vessel, but she needs a decent crew. One that can load all 51 Cannons on her Port or Starboard Broadside in under a minute, reef the Sail-lines to get the massive beast up to top speed, and one with good enough eyes to see through the thickest fog. So join up, and lads, we'll have a great adventure. -Best Regards: Captain Johnathan Arnason, the most "generous" and "praised" Pirate on the seas (ENGLISH: This is the official discussion board for my chapter book, Sister Hawk. If I have any questions about Pirate Culture and Facts I can't find the answers on Google for, you as the community will hopefully give me a better, more concrete answer. If you also have questions about the book, I'll be happy to answer them, but I won't give anything away. This thread will be open 24-7 so get the conversation started! Anyone who contributes to my book will be listed in the books Author Notes! -Sincerely: Reeve Johnson, young author)
  2. Aye, I be likin' this ere' site....