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  1. Breast cancer pins

    I still have some but will need to look for them
  2. Plain Buckles For Sale

  3. Plain Buckles For Sale

    I can do paypal Thanks
  4. Plain Buckles For Sale

    I have 80 of these 1 1/2 inch Buckles don't know why i have 80, I think they are part Rabbit. But they are for sale $0.75 Each Plus $5.20 Priority Mail Shipping I Also have 75 Double bar 1 inch by 1/2 inch Buckles. $0.40 Each Plus Priority Mail Shipping Thanks For Looking 1 1/2 inch 1 inch by 1/2 inch
  5. ground cloths

    You could also try and a old pool liner and cut it to size
  6. Bale Seals, Company Emblems, Maker's marks, & Trade Symbols

    British East India Co.
  7. Making Pewter buttons

    Yes, I was confused, I thought you were talking about adding the powdered graphite to the plaster that makes up the mold, not applying it to the surface of the mold prior to casting. we always just used a candle. Does the powdered graphite evenly stick to the mold surface? I never thought of powdered graphite for casting, always just thought of it as a dry lubricant for locks. The dry casting lube costs around $12.00 an oz. all it is, Is fine powdered graphite with a high dollar name. It just takes a small amount to coat, The plaster will look dirty Gray not black I only use it if i am doing a button with alot of detail or pouring more than 50 buttons from the same plaster mold
  8. Making Pewter buttons

    Ok you might want to get a tube of powdered graphite from the hardware store.The stuff you use on door locks. It cost around $2.00 and dust the mold with it, Sometimes you need it sometimes not. It will help extened mold life I will edit my earlier post
  9. Making Pewter buttons

    I use powdered graphite,I thought I included that in the instructions
  10. Making Pewter buttons

    Oh by the way anyone intersted in 100 Dread Pirate Robert Buttons 3/4 inch shank back $35.00 Shipped. The copper looking spots are some weird light reflection.
  11. Making Pewter buttons

    Ok here are 1,25 and 50 And 75-100 I could get maybe another 50 or so out of this mold I hope this helps anyone who is going to try to make there own
  12. Making Pewter buttons

    And 75 & 100 I am cleaning and polishing them now,Will post pics of finished buttons later today
  13. Making Pewter buttons

    I use Hobby Lobby casting and mold making plaster $4.99 for 8 pounds here is number 25 50
  14. Making Pewter buttons

    Good question. lets try a new mold and pour 100 buttons and check every 25. Here is button 1. It is uncleaned right out of the mold
  15. Making Pewter buttons

    It gets a little better each day I started casting again but it is slow going for now. Still needs more clean up but I got a whole 14 poured