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  1. "Steamin' " Leather

    Sorry for the absence, all! My lady and I are gearing up for Steamcon 2010 since this year is a bit o' a financial mess! What's been happening with leatherwork in the steamy universe? I have an article coming out in October for a SP gunrig you all may like, complete with a how-to and patterns! Now, back to working on the clothes!!!

    For anyone interested, the HMCA did come up with a great Boarding Cap mockup based on th 1812 designs from Gilkerson's Boarders Away. I have one and Steve Huff in maryland has the other. I can try to post a pic if interested..
  3. How to Make Them... I went to a previous one...unfortunately it was 80% crap...not something I'd pay to get into again....
  4. Airship Pyrate Music

    Corvus doesn't really sound like anything I haven't heard during set-up at a ren-faire, really....I think a steampunk band needs more to put itself in the genre...
  5. "Steamin' " Leather

    Anytime, Patrick! I'm working on a leather vest right now; roughly 1890s pattern but tweaked to be steamy,,,I'll send pix! Nice :) i am slowly getting back into working leather after a wrist injury. Slow slow going with everything else going on. Am very interested in seeing how you take it steamy. SP is one of my fav genres. Has been for many years but around here until recently no one was constuming in it. Now starting to see a lot more at local cons. Ididn't even know this genre existed til a friend of mine introduced me to Abney Park about the same time customers started coming in in partial costume for my help. I've done period leatherwork for 18 yrs but always wanted to try something Jules Verne-fantastical..just no venue for it..til now! LOL
  6. Favorite Steampunk Movies

    Master of the World (Vincent Price 1961) It has the whole Airship Pirate thing down wonderfully!
  7. Steampunk Weapons

  8. "Steamin' " Leather

    Anytime, Patrick! I'm working on a leather vest right now; roughly 1890s pattern but tweaked to be steamy,,,I'll send pix!
  9. "Steamin' " Leather

    Greetings all! I've worked for Oregon Leather Company in Eugene for 10 years and Tandy for 10 before that. We have a lot of re enactors for all periods coming in and the newest thing is Steampunk. I'm now hooked as well and have a few leather projects in the works reflecting this. I would like to offer help or advice to folks trying to make their leather -related gear. It keeps me in the loop and keeps me thinking! You can contact me here or PM me anytime; I check mail about twice a week or so. Also at Looking forward to this!
  10. Steampunk Weapons

    Well dammit Bo now ye got me hooked! LOL...I'm putting the finishing touches on a steamy rig for my 1847 Colt walker; matches the one on my other hip for the Bowie! I'll get pix to ya soon!
  11. home brewers anyone?

    All encouragement to ye lad! It's an adventure ye'll nay regret! Aye! I'll second that!!! The process itself is fun and addictive...but once yer friends find out you'd better be prepard to go public!
  12. Elizabethan Beer?

    Great info! Thanks!!
  13. Mortuary Sword

    The blades vary, actually to a small degree, and frankly I prefer one that caters to the lighter side and is still accurate. I don't really see where 8-12 ounces makes any difference. In Trained hands it shouldn't be an issue. On the other hand, 3 lbs or a bit more may come to hand for some. Keep in mind the "cavalry" sword is not a mort sword, and the weights you list are all within an acceptable range. Periosd specs varied according to the blade maker as well and the maker of all the furniture. The swords were rarely ever made entirely by one manufacturer. I would say , IMO that if you like the thing, and it conforms to decent specs (NO mort sword should weight in at 4lbs!) and holds up under the use you it.
  14. Mortuary Sword

    That's a Chen isn't it? Don't see the face on the guard though....
  15. Elizabethan Beer?