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    Pirate history and pirate fiction, nautical stories, pirate games... I wrote a historical pirate novel, The Wrath of Brotherhood (Book 1 in the Brethren of the Spanish Main series). I dig all things piratey.
  1. Welcome aboard!

    Phil, You can reach me at ozgur.k.sahin@gmail.com. I'll be down in Colombia until January 7th, so should we shoot for after that time? Ozgur K. Sahin
  2. Pirate book sale, $8 off 'til Dec 10th!

  3. Welcome aboard!

    Welcome aboard, Phil! My pirate thing really got underway with Sid Meier's "Pirates!" game. Let me know if you need a new guy to interview--I've got me own pirate novel (The Wrath of Brotherhood) out there. Just finishing up the first draft of the second one.
  4. Happy 'Talk Like a Pirate Day!'

    It's actually the same book, but in hardcover. I'm mostly done with the next one though (book 2 in the series, so same characters)!
  5. Happy 'Talk Like a Pirate Day!'

    Ahoy maties, as part o' Talk Like A Pirate Day, me pirate novel be on sale fer the next week! Hardcovers be about $8 off, an' me eBooks be but $1. I figured yeh'd want to know 'bout such bounty, an' at smugglers' rates too. Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day! Sorry fer the promotin', but if it ain't rel'vant to this crew, I'll eat me pantaloons! Link: http://www.ozgurksahin.com/#!books/cnec
  6. What are you reading right now ?

    FYI, as International Talk Like A Pirate Day is tomorrow, I'm marking my book (The Wrath of Brotherhood, eBook only) at half price for the holiday: $1.99. Watch for the deal to take effect, if you're interested. Lots of good reading suggestions here, keep 'em coming! I just finished Gentleman of Fortune. It was a good easy read, but the invented love interest (and Bart Roberts' invented heterosexuality) was kind of disappointing.
  7. What are you reading right now ?

    I have a quick question as well... I'm looking all over this site for a library of sorts where pirate-themed books are listed for those who are interested, but I can't seem to find the right spot, and i see a lot of stuff that discourages self-promotion. Mostly I just was hoping to get my book in whatever spot that is for when people go looking (and to have that spot and its contents clearly marked out), but I don't want to put it there myself if it's viewed as self-promoting. It just stands to reason that people here might, you know, be interested.
  8. Straw hats for Caribbean pyrates?

    Also the taste for finery is higher with pirates, and straw hats don't really qualify. The less physical labor they have to do, the more likely they are to want fancy clothes and hats. Some pirate ships (notably Bartholomew Roberts' ship, as we have a good deal of evidence about that) were run mainly by black crews, while the white pirates did very little actual work and basically lived like officers. This might have been more the case in the early 18th century than the mid 17th, but I'm not sure. Many would wear them even if they were cumbersome in battle because it was part of the image they wanted (who they felt they were, or who they wanted to be), but it is less likely with extended physical labor. Small cloth caps are more likely.
  9. Straw hats for Caribbean pyrates?

    My take was that seamen would usually wear something less cumbersome and less likely to be blown away while on deck (hence the handkerchief/do-rag), but it is by no means a rule, and they would be about as likely as anyone else to wear them on land (though it is easier to store kerchiefs in your belongings than to store hats while aboard, so that would be a slight disincentive).
  10. 'appy Birthday Oz

    Thanks! Ozgur
  11. What are you reading right now ?

    Glad you're enjoying it. I assume you mean it's at 96%, not 96% left? Otherwise you've got your evening's work cut out for you. Ozgur
  12. What are you reading right now ?

    Hah. Don't need help there! I'll be at Origins Game Fair for several days, but with my full time job and all, I've been lucky to do 5 pages a week when I can get anything done. That should be changing soon.
  13. What are you reading right now ?

    Woohoo! Glad to be helping you be backed up. I'm working on 3 eBooks right now as well, on top of going to Origins Game Fair this week.
  14. Pirate Documentaries

    Nice, you live in MN too? I hope they come back through here with the Madagascar artifacts. It was such an excellent exhibit last time. Maybe there will be more detail for me to research too, for my next books. I should check out the National Geo and Blackbeard documentaries. I think it's cool there are TWO new "tv" series coming out (if you count Netflix and indie production as "tv"). Hopefully demand will rise again... For myself, I just like watching and reading this stuff.
  15. Pirate Documentaries

    Ah, Queda Merchant, got it.