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  1. Hastings Pirate world record!

    Lol It was a wonderful day :) - look forward to doing it again next year! The beer tent near the stage ran out of beer at about 3 in the afternoon - tragic....
  2. Hastings Pirate world record!

    You and whose navy!
  3. Ahoy me'earties, This is the second time I've been to Hastings (in the UK) for a pirate world record attempt and the 2nd time they've broken it! Over 14,000 pirates showed up in Hastings on Sunday afternoon to set the new record for most pirates in one place :) it's actually the 4th time I've been performing at a world record breaking attempt, I guess we're the lucky charm! As I was touring with Pyrates! at the time it's featured on our little tour trailer below: there will be a slightly longer feature in the next few weeks :)
  4. Pyrates! - Buried Treasure

    Pyrates! upcoming release - Buried Treasure is now avaliable from our shop on A clip o' some o' tha' tunes can be found on tha' main page o' tha' website.. 9 tracks o pirate folk music fer yer listening pleasure! Recorded at Pyrates! secret cove 2011 Track listing be as follows: The Diamond, High Barbary, Gentleman Soldier, Drunken Sailor, Bell Bottom Trousers, Old Dun Cow, Strike The Bell, Botany Bay, Whisky In The Jar,
  5. Forums for uk pirate types back online

  6. never mind christmas - I can't wait for Nola Pyrate Week :P


    Thanks for coming to see us Dueller , what an odd gig thou! Twas fun to play, despite being slightly undermanned :)
  8. Hear Ye Hear Ye

    Ahoy! I don't post here often (look at my massive post count! ) but everyone was rather worried! - glad ta see it's back! Give all tha' rum to Stynky says I!!
  9. UK Shows

    I think the Southwest pirate festival is on the bank holiday in late may, being the 28th this year. Which means it'd run from the evening of the 25th (so we can setup) and open to the next morning and run till sunday evening... However i'm not totally sure, someone track down Foxe!
  10. UK Shows

    He brews a lovely cup of tea!
  11. UK Shows

    I was given a glorious lack of information on the subject of swansea mate.
  12. Callin' UK Pirates

    Not at all! - I never check the site... more or less true, i'm not as active here as i ment to be...
  13. UK Shows

    Arrr! Mariner? don't that be a fancy word fer Port? I sent a runner to captain cutlass - getting to swansea shouldn't be a problem, i'll just swim over the severn
  14. UK Shows

    I missed the plank fest :S - I actually didn't know it was on, When is the swansea gig?
  15. Tips for tying head bandana or scarf

    A good reefknot would of course be a good choice..... I think I may still be having trouble: