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    Piracy in general. I make belts baldrykes etc. I was also fortunate to be a supplier of leathers to Disneys POTC.
  1. Hanging in the early 18th century

    To "dance the devil's tatoo" is one of my favorites.
  2. Religion during the GAoP

    As a pastor, this has been a great read. Some basic things I keep in mind. 1. Every man, or Pirate as the case may be, keeps God in his or her own way. 2. Everyone believes that their way is the only way. Great read great history.
  3. Knit Hats for GAoP

    Please do. We can meet at the AZ ren fair for Pirate weekend. All the best.
  4. Knit Hats for GAoP

    Thank you sir. Great guidance.
  5. Knit Hats for GAoP

    Im looking at the hat thread here and I have a question. two additional caps come to mind, let me know if you think they are correct. The liberty or voyager cap, I have also seen them called phrygian caps that date to roman times. Are they correct for GAOP? That and the oh too hollywood striped or boson Smee type cap? Thanks for the help.
  6. Permission to come aboard...

    Very true. Thank you for the warm welcome. :-)
  7. Permission to come aboard...

    Joshua it is. Ding, ding, ding. ;-)
  8. Pork during the GAoP

    This is very interesting reading. I do wonder, with the comments made about the noxious smell of the burning fat, if he is not reacting like many vegetarians I know. After not consuming meat for some time the smell can be rather bad. Much in the same way smoke affects a reformed smoker. I hope I have not insulted any vegetarians. It was not intended.
  9. W.A.G.-word association game

  10. Permission to come aboard...

    You can see most of my work on in the movie. Only two pieces on the principal actors the rest on the vaious crew members. They were kept in a costume bin and unless you were a main actor with signifigant camera time you went to the bin. Still loads of fun. I recently let go a captain Barbossa hat to an avid collector. I will be making another soon. Odd little note. If you look at captain Barbosssa's baldrik it is just a nicely weathered Scottish crossbelt All the buckles are still available from any highland supply. I have an extra just in case. Like I mentioned, Can't say the POTC on ebay or Disney would be given me the black spot. *shudder* When it comes to exorcisms it usually comes down to holding someones hair while they expell the foul deamons while kneeling at the porcelain alter. But I digress.
  11. Permission to come aboard...

    I wanted to say hello to everyone here. I'm an older pirate from the Arizona Ren-Fair days. I have been plundering the southwest for some 30 years. I'm a nurse when not plundering and a retired minister. I can still do marriages or a quick exorcism after a night out pub crawling. My only real claim to fame was that I was one of the suppliers for baldriks and belts for Disney's POTC. The only down side to that is when you work for the mouse you sign a non compete clause that states you cannot sell anything related to POTC under your name.....sigh..... So as they say, "Fire your leward guns, or nail your colours to the mast." Extra credit if you can guess who made that quote. :-)
  12. "Im usually insane, but there are times when I'm just stupid." Heinrich Hein, Poet.

  13. Netflix Pirate themed movies

    Captain Blood. The one that started it for me. Cutthroat Island. The acting is a bit off for my tastes. But it appealed to my ADD. :-) Captain Blood. The one that started it for me. Cutthroat Island. The acting is a bit off for my tastes. But it appealed to my ADD. :-)
  14. Pistol golf ball sized grenade launcher

    With my luck I would still have a terribke slice, even if I shot a golf ball from that. Awsome piece. :-)
  15. holsters for Queen ann pistol ?

    Dixie gunworks stocks them. All the best.