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  1. You in yar garb.

    This topic has provided me with such great entertainment and inspiration! Thank you all for sharing. You all look great!
  2. What's Wrong with Black Beard? by Kevin P. Duffus

    Going to make myself a cup of tea and view this! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Rackham's skeleton

    I think Brit.Privateer is right - I don't see them being buried decently.
  4. How would a pirate vilage/town look like

    Not entirely sure how authentic this is, since I can't find a date, but came across this while I was googling a similar subject. Nassau. And another, 1864 (a bit later than 1700s, but may be helpful for your purpose). Nassau again.
  5. Rackham's skeleton

    This is what I am trying to figure out. It seems highly unlikely to me that they were able to take A) find his skeleton and display it in an all ages movie. Perhaps just in the mind of the creators?
  6. I like how you phrase that - it was and wasn't a nice place. Trying to remember where I got that information from.. Will continue to rack my brain. Ok - lets go on some dates here regarding the pregnancy. If pregnancy was only able to be authenticated towards the first trimester, that would mean that they were 2-3 months pregnant at that time (November). Mary's death is signalled around April. That would mean they would both be very near to giving birth, if not already have birthed?! Does anyone know what would usually happen in that era if a convicted criminal gave birth whilst awaiting execution? Were they given X amount of time with the child before being executed? Or whipped away and the child shipped off somewhere?
  7. Rackham's skeleton

    Hi everyone, Not that I am the fondest of the 'Hollywoodiztion' that the Pirates of the Caribbean did to pirate history, I've come across a few resources that stipulate the skeleton of the real Jack Rackham is visible in one of the movies (not sure which one). Apparently, when Jack Sparrow enters Port Royal, Rackham's skeleton is the one on the right: I think I remember reading somewhere else that after he was hung, he was gibbeted and put on display. Could there be any truth to the above? Warm regards to you all J
  8. I remember reading somewhere that James Bonny was a black man - but I can't seem to find anything to certify that now. If he was, it surely would've been much tougher to move around, get married, and so on during that period?
  9. Hi there Brit.Privateer; Thank you for your answer. With all of the stories, it feels like so much longer! A total of 59 days. Interesting. Now it makes sense regarding Foxe's comment of pregnancies before becoming official 'pirates'. Warm regards and thanks a lot to you all, Jacqui
  10. Drugs during the 1700's?

    That is so interesting. Thank you all so much for your fantastic assistance. Mission - I tend to agree regarding the Opium side of things. Otherwise, I suppose that alcohol was the drug of choice for the majority! I will also conduct more research and see what I can find - Will report back soon :-) Warm regards to you all J
  11. And another question..... PIERRE? This name keeps popping up in some research. Is there any factual base to him? And if not - where on earth do all of these rumors come from! Warm regards Jacqui
  12. Drugs during the 1700's?

    Hi there everyone, I hope you are well and having a wonderful week so far. I am interested to know what kind of information we've got on drug usage among pirates of the 1700's - does anyone have any insights? In taverns, on board etc. Warm regards J
  13. Hanks for your input, Foxe! You are ever helpful. I seriously admire your thoroughness! So - you're saying that it could be a possibility that Anne and Mary were pregnant before coming pirates? If that is the case - how long were they actually engaged in piracy? I am replying from my phone so cannot see the dates, thus I am about to go from memory; does that then indicate that Anne's supposed 2nd child could not be Jack's, and would be more likely to be James's or an unknown 3rd person? I say supposed because we don't actually know if there was the 'Cuba child'. Warm regards Jacqui
  14. Hi there team Pyracy Pub, I've been stalking this forum for years, chiming in when I joined and only recently again. I am trying to wade through the multitude of 'facts' about Anne Bonny's life. I'd love to have a discussion on what can be true (in our opinions!) and what can't be - especially when it comes to dates! BORN: 8th March 1702? 1698? 1700? In Bullens Cove? Cork? ALIAS: Bonn? Fulforn? MARRIED JAMES BONNY: 1718 (which would make her either 16, 20 or 18)? MET RACKHAM: 1720 (Rackham arriving in 1719)? CAPTURED: ?? 1720: Governer Woodes Rodgers issues notice in Boston Gazette about Rackham and 12 others (incl. Mary and Anne) stealing a 12 ton sloop and engaging in acts of robbery and piracy. Within a few weeks their ship was intercepted and the pirates captured - led by a heavily armed legion behind Captain Jonathan Barnet. The pirates were confined in Spanish Town jail? TRIAL: Rackham, along with 10 other men, were trialled on the 16th of Nov and all found guilty - hung a few days later? Nov. 28th: Anne and Mary on trial, plead their bellies and were 'saved'. 1721: Mary Read dies, burried April 28th. Is Anne still in jail here?! If so - this would make them already at least 5-6 months more pregnant than they were at the trial. Was there a way of testing if women were pregnant back then? LIFE AFTER JAIL: Ran away with Dr. Micheal Radcliffe, headed west to Virginia, and joined a group of pioneers? Father, William Cormac, managed to secure a release for her, taking her back to Charlestown... Where she marries Joseph Burleigh, has 8 children with him, and dies at the happy age of 84 in 1782 (which would put her birth year at 1698)? Anyone else have any other theories or comments they'd like to add? I am not at all saying any of the above is total fact - These are just the most common themes that I have come across, and I'd love some discussion. Warm regards J
  15. All Quarrels Be Settled Ashore - Chapter 1

    Hi there, I am not the greatest at critiquing quite yet, so I will let someone else do that. However, I will say that I enjoyed reading this - it flows beautifully and your descriptions are excellent - you know how to put the reader right in the world! Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.