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  1. Pirates of Wallstreet and Corperations

    You should watch the short film The Crimson Permanent Assurance. It was done by Terry Gilliam and the Monty Python crew. Fun lil piece that combines those two worlds.
  2. Frederick Philipse

    How influential was Philipse to piracy in the 1690's? It seems that much of his business with Baldridge and Burgess revolved around slave trading. I can't find any evidence of him funding an actual piratical venture. I guess you could say, by him trading with Baldridge, he was in a roundabout way supporting piracy. Anymore info on his relationship with Baldridge? I'd love to hear what some of the historians have to say about these guys. Thanks very much!
  3. Christopher Condent

    I've taken an interest in this gentleman's story as of late and was wondering if there was anything more that could be learned about him. Are there any parts of his story in Gen. History that have been proven false or exaggerated? Is there any corroborating info to prove he did become a wealthy merchant? Also, is there a source for the Billy One Hand moniker? Thanks, I look forward to the discussion.
  4. Need some research help

    Ok, thank you very much. Enough of these lousy Buccaneers, let's get back to some pirate discussions!
  5. Need some research help

    Hi Fox, I think my message got lost in the mix. Is it assumed that L'Olonais had either a letter of marque or a commission? Thanks much.
  6. Need some research help

    Is it assumed that L'Olonais had either a letter of marque or a commission? Is there any proof of this? Thanks.
  7. Long Island Sound and New York City

    Hi all, haven't posted in a while. I was wondering if any documented acts of piracy happened in the LI Sound during the GAOP? The only thing I seem to be able to find about the LI Sound is that Kidd may have sailed through there and somebody named Thomas Veal? He predates the GAOP though. LI Sound doesn't seem like it was an ideal place to go pirating anyway, with LI blocking an easy escape. But, I am from CT, so I was just wondering if there is any other info out there. As far as NYC, do we have names of any pirates that Gov. Benjamin Fletcher dealt with? Was NYC really a booming "pirate town" at the end of the 17th century or has that been exaggerated? Was it more so dealings with privateers or did pirates get a pass as well? Thanks.
  8. GAOP Essential Reading List

    Foxe, I had several names on piratesinfo, can't remember any of them. I read and observed more than I chatted. Brit, thanks for the info. However, I think I may pull the trigger and buy it! What other good books have you read lately? Also, keep an eye out for The new book from forum member GregF - At the Point of a Cutlass
  9. GAOP Essential Reading List

    Tony spoke about it numerous times on piratesinfo. He mentioned that he had been working on it for years and put a lot of money into it. Joel Baer's collection is very intriguing to me but, wowwww at the price tag!
  10. GAOP Essential Reading List

    Thanks for all the info so far!! I didn't want to make an entirely new thread on this, so I figured I'd ask here: Are there any plans to release the three volume project (trial records) that Tony Malesic was working on before he passed? I know he mentioned he was working on it with a couple others. A collection of that sort would be incredibly useful. Hopefully it sees the light of day..
  11. GAOP Essential Reading List

    How are Cordingly's "terror on theHigh Seas" and "Pirate Hunter of the Caribbean"?? Also, is Kuhn a reliable author, specifically "life Under the Jolly Roger"?? One other thing, how do I get to read Arne B's work? Most of it seems to be in German..
  12. GAOP Essential Reading List

    Yes!!!! A list like this is exactly what I was looking for! Many many thanks.
  13. GAOP Essential Reading List

    I guess a better question would be -what are the most academic, well written researched books on this topic? Rediker, grey, cordingly, lee, who else are regarded highly?
  14. GAOP Essential Reading List

    Just to make it clear, I'm not someone who is just recently "getting into" pirate history and looking for a place to start. Hah, my apologies if that's how my post came off (I'm by no means an authority either) I just wanted to have a substantial list of solid books that get a thumbs up from some of the historians/researchers on this site.
  15. GAOP Essential Reading List

    Hey all, I was wondering if we could get a book list going regarding the GAOP time period. I figured this would help people discover some great material that they may have missed, as well as help in knowing which ones to avoid. If a book contains good/bad, maybe a description on the pos/neg would be useful. Thanks much.