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  1. My new PSY video - pirate style!!!

    Mates! I did a pirate version of PSY's new "Gentleman" video!! Would ye be so kind as to check it out? Would make me day! Thank you!!
  2. Pirate videos!

    For anyone who is a fan of the pronunciation manual on YouTube, I did a a PIRATE! See what happens when a pirate tells you how to pronounce...well...anything. Thanks guys, much love to you all!
  3. Yar, I'm brand new here! Ahoy!!!

    Thank you! One question for everyone - is there anyone on here in Colorado?

  5. Yar, I'm brand new here! Ahoy!!!

    Greetings mates! My name is Sean Caspian. I wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself, as I look forward to meeting many of you and making with the friends :) First off, I love pirates. They're just so much fun, and you can go any direction you want with their reenactment. I'm part of a local pirate guild in Colorado called The Colorado Rogues. We spend our time in drink, merriment, song and swashbuckling. I'm also a professional actor of stage and screen, and run a YouTube channel. My YouTube channel is home to my pirate show called "The Rude Pirate". I basically take the opportunity to do pirate parodies of popular YouTube videos, among other things. Check it out here: - if you dig it, don't forget to like the videos, comment, share, and even subscribe if you really like it. It gives me new sea legs every time you do! When I'm not in front of a camera, on stage, in the editing bay or galavanting around as a pirate, I spend most of my time involved in all forms of geekery. Warhammer, WoW, Magic, anime, Halo - you name it. If it's geeky, I probably like it (or I'm desperately trying to find the time to do it). Also a big fan of the outdoors - snowboarding, biking, hiking, rock climbing. In short, I'm kinda the guy that's into...well, everything. I've joined up on this forum because I want to meet new like minded folks, and have a chance to share some of my art with people who love piracy as much as I do. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you. Thanks for having me here! LOOK LIVELY!!!