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  1. 17th century slang and words

    http://andromeda.rutgers.edu/~jlynch/C18Guide.pdf http://www.salon.com/2013/05/11/the_modern_history_of_swearing_where_all_the_dirtiest_words_come_from/ http://matadornetwork.com/abroad/20-obsolete-english-words-that-should-make-a-comeback/ it's more 18th century, but I hope they help
  2. need tips building a square mast ship

    Just for the record, we did win the next year
  3. Seeking a Crew

    actually it might not come back again (I will keep you posted) , but we are planning a pirate festival for buffalo when and if the tall ships come to port there. again, I will keep u posted
  4. The Wardrobe of Jake Seasnake

    The Headscarf: Something I found in some plunder. When you look real close to it you will notice that it is printed with chickens! The reason this appealed to me is that my life was saved by chickens once, as I lived off their eggs for a week when I was ship wrecked after our crew was defeated by a Spanish frigate. I named the chickens Cherry and Mahogany and kept them as pets. Eventually Cherry was killed by some unknown varmint and Mahogany is deaf from cannon fire and does sign language with her claw. (And by the way that frigate got what was coming to them afterward)
  5. The Wardrobe of Jake Seasnake

    The Sword: It was a gift from the man who taught me how to swordfight. After my ship issued sword broke in the middle of a battle, I managed to defeat the attacker who I broke it on by hitting him with the pommel of the sword. Cutlass Adams saw this and glared at me. (not sure what he didn't like about that) So seeing how he acquired a new one that was better balanced from a pair of pirates he had just met, (along with a strange goldish pendant that was suppose to protect him from cannon failure) gave me his old one. He had once defeated 6 opponents with one swing, and that was the sword he did it with!
  6. The Wardrobe of Jake Seasnake

    okay so when I put my pirate uniform together, I decided to write a story about each piece of it, to kind of give the character more depth. So, here I go
  7. What's in your garage?

    Does the horse know how to open the fridge yet? Bo No, he knows how to open the feed bin just fine though in the rare moments he sneaks out, but I'm still trying to get him away from the harleys.
  8. What's in your garage?

    2 harleys, (one adorned with pirate skulls, guess which one is mine?) a riding lawn mower, a figurehead for a viking ship, a tiller for a race boat we made, 5 bicycles, a whole mess of tools, a refrigerator full of cold ones, and a small horse.
  9. Welcome aboard!

    Hello Sara! For pirate inspiration the pub is abundant, I've consulted the articles and people available here many times. Do you have a youtube channel?
  10. Rackham's skeleton

    Mission makes a good point, It never made sense to me the way they portray Port Royale or Tortuga in POTC! Shoudn't it be Kingston and New Providence?
  11. Finally, A Decent Pirate TV Documentary!

    MY big question is this, what tall ships were portraying the ships in the movie? And by the way, is there a page thats lists the ship casted in movies? thought that would be cool
  12. Something about colonial Jamaica

    pardon me but what do they refer as servants?
  13. I Need help with me pirate facts

    yeh me too!
  14. Casting call for pirates 5

    Here it is for anyone with the time and determination!! it's being filmed apparently in australia http://www.moviecastingcall.org/2014/09/casting-call-pirates-caribbean-dead-men-tell-tales-lead-roles.html
  15. Crossbones TV series

    dang I didn't even get to watch it!