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    Pirating, I am responsible for signing the letters of marque for all our local krewes
  1. John Leveque Pirate Days

    May 10-12, 2013 Johns Pass, Medero Beach Florida (Pinellas County) The event celebrates the discovery of John’s Pass with a variety of events including a Pirate’s Ball, sea battle and boat parade, a family treasure hunt, adults and children’s costume contests, various themed merchandise, a pub crawl, artists & crafters, food and beverage vendors, along with an abundance of pirate performers. Shop for nautical and pirate themed treasures and visit the Hurricane Expo sponsored by Lowes with loads of give-a-ways! Hours for the event are; Friday, 3-11 pm, Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm. link
  2. I be new here

    It is a pleasure meeting you. Same here, been some time before I came onto this site. Still trying to navigate around. The Gov
  3. You in yar garb.

    Myself (The Gov) and First lady Karen, Governor of the Tampa Bay Company Providing letters of Marc for loyal privateers
  4. Welcome aboard!

    Hi Maties, New to the pyracy group and would like to introduce myself. I am Craig Bachler aka "The Gov". Currently, I live in Tampa Bay, but a New Englander by birth. We (my family) and I have been active in krewe life since moving here in 2002. We are members of a local krewe of almost 300 members that is one of the few true black powder re-enacting groups in Florida. Generally, we can be found at festivals across the South throughout the year. Safe Sailing, The Gov
  5. Loose Cannon

    Hey Maties, Being a former New Englander and now in the Tampa region, I feel yer pain. Some time ago, Glouster had a festival. I think is is now no longer. I have done several small events here in Florida and if yer interested, reach out and I will be happy to share my experience and contacts. Perhaps come down to Florida during one of our events to get some ideas on how to organize and talk to the organizers. Reach out and let me know when you might be interested and I will let you know what festival is happening. "The Gov" Royal Governor to the Tampa Bay Company Black Powder Master for Muskets and Cannons NPS