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  1. Tied to me belt

    This may seem a stupid question but could anyone tell me how things were usually attached to a belt to allow them to still be used i.e. money purses etc?
  2. Tied to me belt

    Many thanks Mission, that's great
  3. I be new to the pub

    Greetings, I go by the name of Captain Mauvebeard due to the ribbons I wears in me beard. I call Eastbourne on t' south coast o' t' UK my home port. Havin' spoken with Cap'n Slappy an' Ol' Chumbucket I now be runnin' t' 'Official' website for International talk Like A Pirate Day (UK) at I be lookin' forward to speakin wit' you all in t' future but fer now just wanted to say Ahoy! MB
  4. Today I mainly want to chase the horizon ...

  5. Lookin' For A Rowdy Crew

    I be lookin' for a crew for me virtual ship the 'Sally's Revenge'. All needs to be noisy as me ship is the publicity tool for the International Talk Like A Pirate Day event in the UK. Want t' help me make some noise and publicize this? Then you be the pyrates I be lookin' for! Email me at MB
  6. Trade Beads & Hair/Bandana Dangles

    tuppeny worth ... I like beads and they looks nice CaptainB. Good on yer! I be a bit o' a peacock and likes to have all sorts round me.
  7. I be new to the pub

    Thanks all fer the warm welcome. Is good t' be here
  8. I be wantin' to change me name ...