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  1. Muster of the Mercury

    I noticed my name on the first post doesn't have a location. I'm in Denver Colorado.
  2. WDW POTC sail boats - what are they?

    some thing like this Or this.
  3. WDW POTC sail boats - what are they?

    For the most part it looks like a long boat. The deck lay out, use of a tiller, spacing of the ribs and sitting in front of a windlass all say longboat. I've never seen a long boat with that much ornamentation on the bowsprit. I could be wrong but I think it's a general long boat.
  4. Netflix Pirate themed movies

    Thanks for posting this list. I'm in the mood for a good pirate film and this was helpful. I'll see how Raiders of the Seven Seas is. One small update. Netflix now has Muppet Treasure Island. The shows is absolutely ridiculous as Muppet movies are but I find it fun. I hadn't watched it since I was a kid and now that I've been into building ships I noticed how ridiculous the masts rake on the ship is. They must have had fun building the model they used.
  5. Crossbones TV series

    It ended well for what it was. Only one loose end which was expected if they hoped for sequels. I actually would have liked to have seen another season. The dialogue and intrigue was fun.
  6. Queen Anne's Revenge in a Bottle 1:1250

    Thanks Hook! Here's the ship in the bottle. It was quiet the battle going in and her sails are a bit ruffled. I thought that might be the case and set the sails to a battle position with the mains furled for better visibility and fire prevention. At this point she'll come around, board and plunder. So the battle damage works in a way. I may update the stopper with a cork and put a turks head on it but for now she's complete.
  7. Queen Anne's Revenge in a Bottle 1:1250

    More updates. The ship is almost done. I had some trouble with the masts at this size. I did an even smaller model using a new technique and found my solution. The base of the mast is now made from wire and the rest of the mast and spars are made from paint brush bristles. They are small and extremely flexible. Perfect for fitting small ships in small bottles. Here's the other little sloop. Mast and spars are made from paint brush bristles.
  8. A Timeline of Period Songs

    I've recently been digging into shanty's and trying to learn a few on guitar. I stumbled across this page which has a few good ones as well as a bit of history on shanty's. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2008/09/23/the-10-manliest-sea-shanties/ I like Coast of High Barbary written in 1595 according to Wikipedia but the lyrics varied and the common lyrics likely come from 18th century. Some what anti pirate but still fun. Also and the rendition of Roll the old Chariot Along is incredible. I think this song came way after the GAOP though. Common lyrics have references to whaling and Trafalgar. What's fun about it though is the lyrics are easily changed to fit what ever you want it to. It can be given a little pirate flare in less than a minute. I couldn't find the guitar chords to the song so I messed around with it and found some that work. Em A drop of Nelsons Blood wouldn't do us any harm. G A drop of Nelsons Blood wouldn't do us any harm. Em A drop of Nelsons Blood wouldn't do us any harm. G D Em And we all hang on behind Same chords for the chorus.
  9. Crossbones TV series

    Watched Crossbones. It was as to be expected. They throw history out the window with both black beard and Edward Low. History aside I found it fun. They don't spare the brutality of the pirates. The concept is interesting though I think the put a bit to much weight on a navigational device. All in all it's a series about pirates I can't complain.
  10. Mercury Ship in a Bottle by Daniel Siemens

    Thanks Mission. I have started the Queen Anne's Revenge and posted a log on this forum. It's much smaller and less detailed so it'll make for a quicker build.
  11. Queen Anne's Revenge in a Bottle 1:1250

    I forgot to add this link. http://wayback.archive-it.org/org-67/20120515002435/http://www.qaronline.org/techSeries/QAR-R-09-02.pdf A friend from the ship modeling forum sent me this. It is probably the most comprehensive study I've seen on the Queen Ann's Revenge. 28 pages of incredible information. A great read for any one wanting to know the real history of this ship.
  12. Queen Anne's Revenge in a Bottle 1:1250

    Just noticed I haven't updated in a little while he're some more progress. I did some research on paint styles and found in this day in age ships generally came in three colors. Ocher, red and black. Usually a mixture of the three. The colors came from different things mixed in the paint. Black was created from ash. Red from oxidization or essentially rust. I'm not sure about ocher I'd have to ask again. A very common theme for the day was a black ship with an ocher stripe a long the gun ports and red on the inside of the bulwarks. This seemed to fit so I went with it. The masts are in place but I plan on cutting them down and stepping them. Still more to do.
  13. Mercury Ship in a Bottle by Daniel Siemens

    Mission - Thanks for putting up the article. You did great work putting it together and mixing in my parts. It is an enjoyable read even with all my technical stuff. Thanks again for the experience it was a lot of fun. If I wasn't drowning in work and school I'd start the next one. Maybe when year end is over. William - I'm so glad your happy with her. I have to admit the week or so before I sent her to Mission I did the same thing. Thank you Jas. Hook. I appreciate your compliments and you are most correct she definitely does not belong with the duckies.