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  1. ~ The Boots ~ You’ll notice that I only model the right one for you. That has to do with the (only) reason I’m selling them. I ordered these from Caboots (familiar to many of you) and they are really very fine. Ask someone with a pair of Caboots boots. However, I only got to wear them twice, because a little thing happened - not related to the boots - that required the titanium vendor to rebuild my left foot, and when he did my left foot was just a bit too wide for these wonderful boots. The foot works; I'm not complaining. I ordered square toes to look more period and leather soles and heels. You can certainly find cheaper boots - but these were not made from the slowest goat in Pakistan – these are tough North American cognac suede – the color is the same as Jack Sparrow’s boots from Curse of the Black Pearl. He had darker boots later on. Except for these being cleaner they look just like his. I even got the bootmaker to send me some of the same hide and I made some spur straps and strap covers from it. I’ll include them too if you want them for English Civil War games or something. They're in Men's 8 1/2D, which is a Ladies' 10 1/2 if a friend of yours needs some boots. I don't have to paint a picture, do I? You remember that scene with Kiera Knightly on the beach in At World's End, don't you? These boots cost me $400 before the options; I’ll sell them to you for $250 plus shipping. Of course I take paypal if you don't want to send a check.