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  1. Pirate Pick Up Lines/Jokes

    Ahoy me maties! Me good friend Billy Bones has a pirate pickup lines he wishes to share with ye! He's also always on the lookout for new piratical humour to tickle 'is funny bone so if you've got jokes or other pickup lines ya'd like to share with him I'll be sure to pass 'em on Yarghaha!!billy-bones/c10lt
  2. New Pirate Video Game on the Way! Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

    Even assassins creed 3 isnt bad for getting into the pirate mood, the beginning of the game is set only 20 years after the golden age in boston, starts with a voyage on a ship to america, the sailors working away singing a few shanties, haul on the bowline and hanging johnny. A full game you can drop into to get you in the mood for going a roving on the seven seas is going to be quite the treat!
  3. Looks like were going to finally get that awesome pirate based video game weve been begging for! dont let the hooded main character worry you if this is anywhere as good as the rest of the series this is the closest you'll get to living in the golden age of piracy :)
  4. Pirate Clerihews

    Black Bartholomew Roberts With his cup o' tea and gold cross Was quite the daring rover Till they caught his crew hungover
  5. Pirate Movies to get in the right mindset

    Treasure Island with Heston and Christian Bale for sure, and the 1950 version is great too. Also for some more quality Robert Newton pyracy check out Blackbeard The Pirate (1952).
  6. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    Heres hoping they redeem the francise with the next movie, or movies as it seems its going to be. I'm hoping its just going to be a new movie rather than two sequels like I read somewhere a while ago. In my opinion Dead Mans Chest and Worldsend as a single movie with the fat trimmed from them would have been far superior than the double movie
  7. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    I thought it was a bit of a shame they didnt stick to the book more, a far better story in my opinion and it would have set up Jack Sparrow to be capering around more if theyd just put him in place of Jack Shandy. Plus in the context of the movie it seemed like they just gave Blackbeard a zombie crew for the sake of sticking to the Pirates movies formula but its all explained in the book. Heres hoping someone films the book itself one day!
  8. You in yar garb.

  9. Rogue's Gallery

    Ah as an update Son of Rogues Gallery is out and from what I've 'eard of it...... it's bloody awful! Steer clear me hearties!
  10. Black Bartholomew Roberts (Lyrics)

    Ahoy there me buckos! I've just started trying my hand at the seafaring life and started me own pirate band. We've called Captain Hellfire and The Wretched Brethren and we've just had our second gig on the 25th of January. I thought I'd share some of the lyrics I've written. This first set of lyrics be from a song about that most famous pirate, Black Barty, I play this by meself on the piano at the moment but we are looking to develop it as a track incorporating the whole band. Black Bartholomew Roberts (Seas of Chance) In darkness we all swing together Each man but skin and bone Packed inside this floating coffin We sail the seas as one I'm staring at the ceiling Concentrating on my mission Thinking as my head it sways With pendulum precision The flame it flares more brightly Then it flickers with indecision I wonder how I came to find myself in this position? Cast as a villain with no regrets No feelings for the dying As I twist my cutlass in their breasts Laugh at them for trying To protect their glittering gold and jewels Like it was worth their wretched lives Worth more than their daily bread Their sons, daughters, wives... But as I gaze out through the porthole I spy the shifting seas And realise what this bloodshed without reason really means If kings want more Then the pawns must have less And the rest risk their lifeblood On the cold dead seas of chance A short life and a merry one On this motto I've based my life And backed it up with flintlock Grapeshot, cannonballs And knives Sunk stout ships and men o' war Burnt cities to the ground Struck terror in the hearts of men For doubloons, silver and pounds But my men they slumber round me Like intoxicated babes Follow their orders well As they march into their graves But a slights not to be tolerated And I've killed "good" men for less Strung the Governor up the yardarm And watched him dance with Ketch But we live in a despicable world And in hard and trying times And it's best to die on the seas of chance Than in the gutters of honour sometimes If I pay the price for my misdeeds I'll not have no regrets Wrap my body up in chains And send me sinking to the depths In my heart I know I'm a good man One that settles all his debts Through the darkness and the horror Down and down at od's bequest In his image he created me So the blame we share together And in that final swim I'll smile And rattle my way down to my maker! But we live in a despicable world And in hard and trying times And it's best to die on the seas of chance Than in the gutters of honour sometimes
  11. Rogue's Gallery

    I quite like the John C. Reilly songs and his voice be quite fine to my ears, My Son John is definately a favourite from the album. I suppose the nature of so many artists on one album is different people will be appreciating the timbre of their voices or not and you've got to take the songs you like from it. with a few adjustments to your playlist or liberal use of the skip function its definately a good buy. that be said I dare any of ya to appreciate Bully In The Alley but! haha
  12. "The Unsinkable Henry Morgan" Documentery, New Doc on His Wrec

    Yarggh, was a wee bit disappointed with this one, what with it turning out that it wasn't even Henry Morgans ship that they were looking at, plus not explaing what they found in the chest that they hauled up from the depths.... (my guess nothing) seems a bit like if the money wasn't put up by captain morgan rum and the movie had to be made then there wouldn't have been a movie at all!
  13. Rogue's Gallery

    Tis' a jolly good album! Patchy as the hull o' a worm eaten ship but there be some jolly good songs on there. Rolling Sea by Eliza Carthy be a winner, High Barbary by Joseph Arthur and Fire Down Below by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds give you that evil pirate captain angle, Baltimore Whores and Good Ship Venus be all good family fun. Steer clear of Drunken Sailor and anything by Baby Gramps but! For any of ye that appreciated this album there's a sequel called Son Of Rogues Gallery coming out the end of this month (February)
  14. DeviantArt Pirates

    Aha! Here be my deviant art page! It only has a few pirate related things at this point but expect it to be filling up in the near future!