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    Uhhhh.... piracy?!? Oh, and pirate music and costuming.
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    I can't help but recommend "The Idiodyssey" by the Bilge Pumps as well. http://www.thebilgepumps.com/treasure.cgi?cat=music&pid=CD-TI
  2. Here is the 3rd music video released for the album: "Bonnie Ship the Diamond"
  3. The Bilge Pumps are proud to present our latest pirate music recording, "The Idiodyssey"! (From the press release) Rollicking between goofy pirate comedy music, somber and tragic stories of woe, and fun drinking songs, this album takes traditional nautical tunes and gives them a piratical overhaul flavored with the Bilge Pumps´ brand of goofy comedy and musicality. "The Idiodyssey" is the band´s first strictly nautical music album in over six years and it features sixteen tracks of music for that salty dog in everyone. This recording, being a touch more serious-minded than the group's prior albums, is a culmination of two years worth of rehearsal, recording, and mixing, and is the band's best sounding album to date. The album contains new songs (both traditional and original) as well as newly recorded version of songs from the group´s out-of-print earlier CD's... including such classic songs as "The Ballad of Sam and Marie" and the fan favorite "Johnny Jump Up". To purchase the album on CD: http://www.thebilgep...music&pid=CD-TI To purchase the Deluxe Edition of the album on MP3: http://www.thebilgep...m=theidiodyssey Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and more. There are also 2 music videos released (so far) for the album. "Ranzo Ray" "The Mermaid"