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    I am history lover. Historical topics are my favorite, I always interesting thoughts and discussion about history.
  1. Cutlass Resource

    I have same like that see pic. I bought it from here. I love my sword.
  2. Pirate Concept Art

    Good job, nice work..!!
  3. Maps, maps, and maps!

    Really awesome site I like it..!!
  4. Pain

    Very nice bilge, continuously updating chapters. I like it..!!
  5. How to "cock" a hat.

    Very nice art, Beautiful hat.
  6. recomended pirate books?

    Pericles, by William Shakespeare....
  7. Some interesting pictures.

  8. Amazing reference sites

    very nice. huge collection of links.
  9. Maps, maps, and maps!

    Yep. Very nice stuffs.