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  1. Swing low, sweet....hammock?

    I often actually camp out with mine, and during the winter with out an isomat ye will freeze to death even in a subzero sleeping bag... I found a wool blanket is the perfect isolation material.. ye will be snug as a bug in a wool hammock..
  2. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    Ahoy Mates, I thought I'd try me hand at relating the events of this past weekend to ye! Twas the morn' of the fourth of May, 1713th year of our Lord. I had just arrived at the Hammocks Beach State Park with Quarter Master Chenault and a newly pressed man, Master Cruz in tow. After we had lugged our sea chests, sea bags and me good mate Billy Bones from the HMS blue SUV, we were greeted by Mantise Seville, and Captain Suttle of the Shadow Players. All of the sudden I here a wonderful guitar pipe up and the Tiger Jim strides up and after exchanging a firm handshake, I introduce me mates, and we settle in for a while. I also had the pleasure of introducing meself to Mister Cascabel, and his handsome lady friend. Next to grace me eyes was a very beautiful lass, who calls herself Sophia, the sword dancer. After singing a song or two with Jim, I set out fer Bare Island(Sadly not named for any courtesy by any inhabitants of the fairer sex..) Me mates and I, with the help of two of the Shadow Players, lugged our burden to the foot of the dock, and after I exchanged a few words with the Captain of the skiff to settle our arrangements, some young lads came about, wearing the most strange uniforms. When I asked who in the Hell they be, they said they be the "Boy Scouts" and that their Allegiance be to a country they called America. The Quartermaster and I quickly deduced that they must be afflicted by some ailment of the mind.. We presently told them that they spoke nonsense and they challenged our claims and continued to argue with us all the way to the the island.. Upon Arrival I sent the Quartermaster and Master Cruz ahead to survey the island whilst I set up camp at an abandoned hut, with the help of a Captain Rob, who greeted us as the Master of the Island. After I had unpacked me chests and we made a show of our treasures, I told the Captain that I heard tell of some treasure on the island.. The Captain told me that he had heard similar rumors and searched high and low but found but nigh.. Once camp was set up we sat down to finish our gam, and then in the distance I sighted me mates walking back from their venture, and the Quartermaster had a small parcel in his hand... -To be continued- Yer humble Servant, Mitchell
  3. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    FYI: No camping Saturday night. If you are planning on attending the encampment, I Need you to contact me by tomorrow. Or make yer own reservation here if ye like http://www.ncparks.g...s/habe/main.php
  4. Me Hat.

    From the album Me Kit.

    Me favorite part of me kit! It is felt with ostrich, peacock, pheasant, and rooster feathers. Needs a period hat band, currently using the upper edge of a curtain with a garage sale find buckle. xP
  5. All ye'll get fer now!

    From the album Me Kit.

    Me in me kit. All cotton for the time being, made the shirt and bought the weskit.. more detail to come.
  6. Booty!

    From the album Me Kit.

    May not be period, but it makes a cool display. Sort of a estimate to my ability to buy expensive looking junk at yard sales..
  7. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    Cascabel, Thank you for yer reply, ... I will remind her... Yer Humble Servant, Mitchell.
  8. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    Alrighty Mates! We have been given the go ahead for the encampment!
  9. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    Ahoy Mates! I went to the planning meeting, and The festival will run form 10 to 5 Saturday, May 4th. I approached the Coordinator about the Idea of and encampment on the Island and She was thrilled! However, she has to run it by the Park Manager, and If he is alright with it, the Plan is thus: Set up will be Friday, Preferably before nightfall. Saturday, the festival will be from 10-5 and afterwords folks have the option of packing up that night or they can stay and leave Sunday morning.
  10. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    If ye intend to come, and would be interested in the encampment, please post here by Tuesday, as the planning meeting is on Wednesday. Yers, yer humble servant, Mitchell.
  11. Happy 10th Birthday Pyracy Pub! This is to all of ye on the pub. Please, Kind friends and companions, come join me in rhyme Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine Come lift up your voices, all grief to refrain For we may or might never all meet here again So here's a health to the company and one to my lass Let's drink and be merry all out of one glass Let's drink and be merry, all grief to refrain For we may or might never all meet here again Here's a health to the wee lass that I love so well For style and for beauty there's none can exce l There's a smile on her countenance as she sits upon my knee There is no man in this wide world as happy as me So here's a health to the company and one to my lass Let's drink and be merry all out of one glass Let's drink and be merry, all grief to refrain For we may or might never all meet here again Our ship lies at anchor, she is ready to dock I wish her safe landing without any shock And if ever I should meet you by land or by sea I will always remember your kindness to me So here's a health to the company and one to my lass Let's drink and be merry all out of one glass Let's drink and be merry, all grief to refrain For we may or might never all meet here again
  12. Happy 10th Birthday Pyracy Pub!

    I think I finnaly found that place where it's five a clock.. It's Here! Happy Birthday PP!
  13. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    Dear Sirs, Jim and John, I look forward to yer visit, Are there any accommodation I could bring up at the meeting to help yer time be enjoyable? As for the Living History Camp, That is something I would love to do, and I thing that doing on on an island would be very cool. I will be sure to bring it up at the aforementioned planning meeting. The only challenges there: =>One the camp grounds are usually for rental. =>2ndly, there is only one ferry to and from the island, and they're pretty small, so we can't bring anything too big. =>Third, No fire. we can cook on coals in those weird campground standard grills though. =>Fourthly, and Lastly, the festival committee has NOTHING in the way of tents/waterproof canvas.. (I do personally have me period hammock, and hope to have constructed at least a tarp by then.)Would ye be bringing yer own gear? I think if we can find solutions to these problems, the State Park People would love to have us set up on the island, there is a small little museum right next to the park office, which contains some artifacts, even a cannon ball, plus a display talking about Cap'n Teach, who is rumored to have used the island as a base for a while. So I think they are pretty into publicity and educating the general public about history. If ye have any advice/suggestions/ideas please don't hesitate to let me know. Yers, yer humble servant, Mitchell.
  14. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    Dear Fine Sirs and Ladies, As of right Now, All I have is a Date, May 4th. You can Contact Ms. Carol Trott, either By phone @: #910-347-5332 (You will have to ask for her) By email @: I will be attending the Planning Meeting on February 13th , and I can give you more information then. No official Website as of yet.. They kinda popped this out of the blue. But, I can give you the website for the location which can give ye some information in terms of resources to work with. There is a Hotel up the road from the event location... My email is If you give me names if you would like to attend, or even would like to possibly attend I can see what can be worked out as far as lodgings go. I'm hoping the hotel will donate rooms, or at least run a deal.. Here Is the location's website : And an article that might provide a historical basis at which to make a story: See Also: P.s Sorry for the Vaugetivity (Is that even a word..) This is my first time dealing with organizing this and they are not good at grasping the concept of planning in advance. Also if it makes any difference to ye, The Shadow Players ( Will be in attendance, and we are waiting on confirmation from a the Motley Tones( Your Humble Servant, Mitchell
  15. Swansboro Pirate Festival 2013. May 4th.

    This is a fairly new event, it will be in Swansboro, NC. They're trying to expand it this year and have asked me to find them some scurvy dogs to populate it. It will be held at hammocks beach state park, and on Bear Island. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP.