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    i love the age of piracy. my personal fave pirate is edward teach, though i love reading about henry morgan james avery and william kidd and anyone else i can. i dont know a whole lot yet since i just got into this hobby, but im reading daniel defoes "a general history of pyrates" right now.
  1. pirate stuff? yay

    just bought a bunch of pirate stuff today. i picked up a blackbeard action figure from the poc movie and a new history book, and a computer game "tortuga two treasures" yes its a good day to be a pirate :)
  2. just watched adorable pirate cartoon

    i just watched "the pirates of tortuga, under the black flag" it was extremely juvenile and not at all acurate but it was alot of fun. they had anne bonnie and edward teach on the same boat lol and a ninja talking parrot. the animation was nice though
  3. writing my own pirate story, may turn out to be a book

    anyone have any thoughts or comments id love to hear em
  4. im currently writing my own pirate fiction. right now im planning on making it just a short story but it may turn out to be long enough for a book the plot- young louis roberts is a 13 year old boy, son of a prof of nautical history. his dad the prof. has long been obsessed with the legend of the flying dutchman, insisting that the legend is tied to fact. when a ship wreck is discovered 20 miles off the coast of charleston north carolina near a small island his dad is asked to help, bringing louis with him. while sailing from the coast to the small island they hit a storm and louis gets knocked over board. when a ship comes to rescue him he finds that it is a pirate ship and he somehow got transferred to the 17th century i plan on including such characters as edward teach and anne bonnie
  5. Welcome aboard!

    i would love to go to an event, that would be a dream come true, but i dont have the money or means to travel very far. i live in madison wi. so if you know of any near there that would be great
  6. Welcome aboard!

    hi my name is james i didnt have that much interest in this topic till recently. i mean i had seen all the pirates of the carribean movies and loved them, but then i found this documentary at a pawn shop. the one discovery channel did, and i was hooked. im reading "under the red flag" by david cordingly and its amazing. i also bought "a general history of pyracy" and have read some of that. i inhale every movie i find on piracy and love "cutthroat island" im currently writing my own pirate story, which may turn out to be a book if i can make it long enough. its fictional but i use some historic elements to. the whole topic infuses me and i cant wait to immerse myself into it more,