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    Piratin', drinkin', an' more piratin'. Throw in an adventure an' repeat the piratin' an' drinkin'. When I;m not piratin'g an' docked in me home port, I have two swabbies (4yr & 6yr boys) an' a beautious tart (10 yrs of marriage and counting) to take care of. To keep me in me pirating adventures with plenty of booty, I teach those land lubbers a thing o' two (teacher for 10 years now).
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  12. Ahoy mates! New to these boards and glad to have found it. I am in Southern California and have been pirating for several years now. Next weekend, in Vista California, will be a small..but growing...Pirate Faire. If you are out that way, make sure to stop by, and we can swill some grog! It runs from 10AM to 5PM Saturday and Sunday. I'll be visiting on Saturday after 12PM.