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    designing, history (specifically pyrates), skateboarding and maintaining my own apparel business.
  1. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    Hopefully the Spanish play an even bigger role!
  2. Mead making 101

    Just checked in on it after getting home from work and it looks like the yeast is finally taking effect. No gasses/bubbles coming out of the tubing, but there's alot of foaming action going on.
  3. Mead making 101

    I'm getting sort of nervous that I may have screwed up the batch some how because after over an hour there has been no fermenting activity (that I'm aware of). No bubbles being released through the rubber hose. I'll check on it after I get home from work around midnight. It's 3:40pm now. EDIT: I'm probably over-reacting and just generally getting impatient. I've heard so many different time frames of when one should start to see activity. I've seen anywhere from INSTANTLY to 3 Days! here's hoping mine's on the sooner side.
  4. Mead making 101

    After a lot of internet research I'm actually trying my hand at making my own batch of mead using honey, ginger and a handful of raisins. Here's hoping it comes out ok!
  5. Pixel Pirate's Art Cove

    Just uploaded a slew of new illustrations to my own gallery here on this site!
  6. Offering To Yggdrasil The World Tree

    From the album Pixel Pirate's Art Cove

    © A.Tonge

  7. Visiting The Idol

    From the album Pixel Pirate's Art Cove

    © A.Tonge

  8. Forging Of The Blade

    From the album Pixel Pirate's Art Cove

    © A.Tonge

  9. Serpent

    From the album Pixel Pirate's Art Cove

    © A.Tonge

  10. You in yar garb.

    I think my favorite part about all of yer photos are the amount of stories that you could put behind em. Also I'm diggin' all of your accessories (ie. your beads)
  11. Pear Cider!

    Heard good things about the Strongbow brand! I'll have to look into it as I am a fan of hard ciders.
  12. Loose Cannon

    Oh don't get me wrong, I love King Richard's Faire and "that sort of thing", but an actual New England-based pirate festival would be fantastic. Sort of like what they have out in California, Florida or the Carolinas. Being part of a living history group again could be very fun, although a dash of Hollywood/imagination would be more my style, I imagine. I'm not saying living history/reenacting isn't fun, it is! I was with an American Civil War unit for awhile and did love it... I'm blabbering again. excuse me. I'm from Worcester County. I love history in general but am fascinated by the GAoP. My hat and baldric would like to experience some outdoor piratical fun sometime soon. My kit (or what I have of one) is probably nowhere near being historically accurate, but I don't mind portraying a hollywood-ized pirate. Just no feathers, jack sparrow accents or plastic blunderbuss for me.
  13. Loose Cannon

    Realize that this thread is extremely old and I'm necro-posting, but I noticed that (if ye be still around these waters) I'm from Massachusetts and would love a more localized piratical gathering. The only one (that I'm aware of) takes place in Salem and is very kid-oriented.
  14. Pixel Pirate's Art Cove

    After a hiatus spanning many moons I return! Just whipped this guy up earlier today.
  15. Looking for recommendations on a smoother variety of rum. I'm so used to Cap. Morgan's or Goslings Black Seal that I almost can't stand the stuff (then again, I am more of a beer guy...). I've been eyeballing Kraken and other darker concoctions to hopefully get me enjoying rum once more!