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  1. Coming Soon!!!!.... New Whydah Shoe

    those are super nice.
  2. Fancy pirate or fop garb for sale

    working on me fop as we speak.......
  3. Tybee pirate fest oct 4th -7th

    very cool swab!! the main problem is, i have one of those old japanese light dragoons. it is safe for firing blank loads but never powder and ball. it will blow up. i have seen pics of this. but anyways the springs on it are old and weak. from the frizzen pan spring to the hammer spring. so weak you barely get a spark when fired.
  4. Tybee pirate fest oct 4th -7th

    very cool.
  5. Tybee pirate fest oct 4th -7th

    do you do flintlock repair?? or rebuilds??
  6. Tybee pirate fest oct 4th -7th

    Tybee Island Pirate Fest!! oct 4th -7th tybee island , georgia. anybody going?? other than me and stanger tides......
  7. thanks, man. yeah, i do not like the position of the head either......when people are hung or lynched, the neck does weird stuff. sometime the head is looking up, down, straight ahead or slightly bent to the side. was it a strangle hanging or a drop hanging, where the neck breaks. where was the knot? all these are important to which way the head goes. once a guy's head came clean off during an hanging in the old west. i am trying to teach myself to paint faster, instead of taking a month to do a painting. here is a painting that took about a 40 hours.... jesus christ superstar.......oil on canvas. 24x36? here is one i did for fun at the on board....24x36
  8. here is a painting i did yesterday based on a pic of billie beach of the forsaken crew. thought you guys would like to see it. http://www.facebook....157561807601317 i painted this in about 3 hours for a oil painting exercise. alla prima , meaning one sitting painting....or first attempt "no luck in the sweet trade." oil on canvas. 12x18
  9. Looking for an artist

    what size do you need?? and do you want a lion head and scroll or full body lion head and scroll???
  10. What are you reading right now ?

    Under the black flag, history. i also just finished the republic of pirates under the black flag has a lot of interesting detail but not a page turner, the republic of pirates is well written and is a fast read.
  11. Wanted!! short sailors jacket.....

    i found one on etsy!! PRETTY COOL, COAT...
  12. i am looking for a short sailors jacket , not too picky about color. just not white or natural. please let me know if you have one you want to get rid of. i wear a large chest size 40 inches. thanks! mr. tom bungle....
  13. yep, i will do that. hope to go to renfair soon. any critiques on the outfit?? besides the hat and wig which look like ass.
  14. here is a couple of pics of my first attempt. ordered new hat... and i am going to ditch said wig. the eye patch is honest since i only have one eye that works!! the costume needs alot more weathering. i have buckle shoes!!@!!!!! buckle shoes and slops is where it's at!! i wish slops would come back in style.........
  15. cap'n sin i troop as ROTJ SE boba fett with the alabama garrison. bloody sam, i have meet you too, then.... cap'n sin i troop as ROTJ SE boba fett with the alabama garrison. bloody sam, i have meet you too, then.... cap'n sin i troop as ROTJ SE boba fett with the alabama garrison. bloody sam, i have meet you too, then....