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  1. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    Been away awhile, mates...and now it seems, returned too late... Our 9th Annual NOLA Pyrate Week ~ 24 Mar - 2 Apr, 2017 (New Orleans and across Louisiana, USA) NOLA Pyrate Week - THE Pyratical celebration of history, culture & community in Louisiana. 10 days of swashbuckling, art, music, food, events and general camaraderie among the Pyrates of Louisiana – past & present – and their mates from around the globe! History & culture are a focus with visits to important & interesting sites nearby. It's not all frivolity - we also help out in the community where we're able - Pyrate History Days at local schools & libraries, visiting Seniors, walking dogs, helping local charities and other benevolent/volunteer efforts. This is NOT a "festival", it's a GATHERING o' like minded folks who like to experience real history & culture in the places it actually happened. NOLA Pyrate Week happens every spring at about the same time...last weekend o' March to the second weekend o' April - from New Orleans, to the Prairie & the Bayous o' South Louisiana! (Ye can often find us relaxing at Pirates Alley Café between adventures) ------------------------------------------- We are also planning a more 'typical' event in Southern Ontario (where the Welland Canal meets Lake Erie) - but with a more historical bend than most 'festivals'. Celebrating Pyrates, Privateers and similar adventurers who helped shape trade in the "New World", were crucial in battles like The War of 1812, and roamed anywhere there was water (including the Great Lakes). In other words, all the history that's been mis-written, ignored, buried...and a generous helping o' good fun, treasure and likely a tall tale or two! Meantime, we welcome ye to join us at reenactment & festival events around S. Ontario to be listed via our other websites: The Pyrates Image and The Kinnikinnick Trading Co. - some o' these are just across the border from Buffalo! ------------------------------------------- 39th Annual Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival ~ Aug 4, 5 & 6 Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival (first weekend in August every year) offers activities and attractions for one and all. Vessels gather in Port Colborne each Civic holiday weekend, for a four-day celebration of history and heritage along the canal. From working Tall Ships (and cruises out into the Lake), to Fire Tugs, handmade Canoes to Scale Models...and even a large display of Classic Cars! The whole town gets into the spirit, welcoming more than 300,000 visitors each year! Nestled at the juncture of the Welland Canal and the Lake Erie north shore, Port Colborne is a working marine community, with rich nautical history and welcoming hospitality. At the height of summer, the entire city takes time to celebrate the reasons why this picturesque town has grown and prospered – our marine heritage and our connection to the St. Lawrence Seaway and the seafaring world at large. While the main festival area is packed with fun, join us (just off the canal) at The Marine Heritage Museum - history comes alive with displays, demonstrations & historical merchants & artisans!
  2. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    Avast! Been trying to get to this event for some years since we spoke with the fine folks at P.I.B. - always seem to have a conflicting event or some such. MAYBE this year we can swing it and sail across the Lake (we're a darn sight closer now too).
  3. NOLA Pyrate Week (4th Annual - 2012)

    Ahoy mates! It's full sail ahead for the fourth annual NOLA Pyrate Week (Fri. Mar. 23 - Sun. Apr. 1) and we humbly ask yer help in spreading the word. Be sure to join us for our annual French Quarter Pyrate Parade on Friday night (Mar. 23) celebrate afterwards with our good mates at Pirates Alley Café. Cast yer eyes o'er this post to download the 2012 poster (med-res JPG or Print Quality PDF) http://nolapyratewee...-poster-pageant Ye'll notice something else can't miss it, it's very shiny! The first ever Louisiana Pyrate Wench Pageant! We still have a few spaces available for the Merchants Market inside the fabulous Balcony Music Club (1331 Decatur at Esplanade). As always we are supporting wetlands restoration & preservation as well as our mates at Goodchildren Social Aid & Pleasure Club (keep an ear open for the exclusive throw making party!). We are planning our usual trip to visit our Bayou mates later in the week - a chance to do a little hands on restoration, tour the area and meet some o' the local folk. The wonderful Whiskey Bay Rovers will be regaling us with sea chanteys and Pyratical tunes...and possibly even a Belly Dancer! Our mates at Mojito's Rum Bar & Grill are tempting us with exceptional food and over 50 varieties o' Rum... For an unmatched selection o' ales, there is no better place than The Avenue Pub...even the QM has lost count o' how many varieties o' craft & imported beer they tap! The effervescent Ms. Trixie and the ladies o' Fleur de Tease will be offering discounted admission to all Pyrates attending their shows on Sunday April 1. Keep an eye on the website for updates and be sure to contact us with any questions - we look forward to having ye join us! Fair winds, following seas & full tankards, Capt. John Swallow QM Seika Hellbound --- NOLA Pyrate Week - take what ye can, GIVE soemthing back!™